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Famous texting abbreviations

Texting abbreviations, also called textisms for short, have been around for a long time. The earliest known written reference to a text abbreviation is from a 2001 newspaper article about young people and their use of SMS-language. 

In the article the writer recounts a message that her daughter receives from her boyfriend: “u shud come 2 me”.

Here’s what you need to know about texting abbreviations: what they mean, when they came into use, and why they were created in the first place.

Do you know what does lyl mean when texting?

Lyl is short for “laugh out loud.” It is used by texters to convey how funny or weird they find something.

The main reason for developing texting abbreviations was to save time and keystrokes. Because of this, many of them are related directly to the word(s) they abbreviate. 

For example, “btw” (behind the wall) takes five keystrokes to type out; with an abbreviation, it can be typed in three.

Here are some more information about Famous texting abbreviations

1. What does lyl mean when texting

This is an online dating text message. It’s a term used primarily in the online dating world. “You” is a common term of address, but it can also be an abbreviation for you-know-whats, so the message means “I’d really like to see you.” 

The former boyfriend, whose name is Khela, created his own acronym for this phrase. He had already mentioned that he was “behind the wall”, so he decided to abbreviate it into just one keystroke. All letters are uppercase except for the last letter (“L”), which is lowercase (“l”).

2. What does R8 mean when texting

R8 is an acronym for “round of applause”. It’s used by sports teams, event guests, and fans to show their appreciation for the way the sports team has played the game. 

For instance, if a team wins a last second tackle, the fans will yell “R8”, which is an abbreviation for “Round Eight”. When they do this chant it is most common with their fists raised in the air. 

This gesture represents support for underdogs, or anyone who is taking on something that they are not supposed to win or accomplish. R8 means cheering loud and strong!

3. What does ur do mean when texting

This is a text message abbreviation for the word “your”. It’s used in an informal writing style. In most cases, you’ll find it in lowercase letters, although you will occasionally see uppercase letters. It’s considered more of an acronym than a text shorthand.

4. What does OMG mean when texting

OMG is a text message abbreviation for the word “Oh my God”. It’s a common phrase that is used to express emotion or surprise on your part. 

This type of typing abbreviation can be found in all forms of writing – from texts to emails to blogging to traditional news articles. It’s often used to provide emphasis to your writing.

5. What does BTW mean when texting

This is an acronym by the way. It was created as a way for people on the go to send quick messages without typing out all of the words. 

The same abbreviation can be used in both texts and emails, although it is more commonly found in texting than emailing because many people prefer abbreviation over typing out the full word of by the way or by the way of. Depending on where you are in the world, you may find this acronym spelled as btw, btw, btw, or btw.

6. What does KITM mean when texting

This is an acronym that means keep in the know. It most commonly shows up in emails or text messages, although it can also be seen on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and even online forums. 

It’s most often used to cover situations where you don’t have time to explain something or where you simply want to give credit for something that someone else is doing. It’s considered more of a text message abbreviation than something that is used in emails, but it has grown in popularity so much so it has now moved over to emailing as well.

7. What does JKM mean when texting

This acronym means just kidding. It’s a sarcastic way of saying something that isn’t true. For example, if someone were to text you a message saying “I love you” and you respond with “JK” it means “just kidding”. 

While this is a sarcastic message, this is often the way people say they really mean that they love somebody or that they made a mistake or that it wasn’t that serious. The abbreviation JK is used in many different ways.

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