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Free DNS services

DNS, known as Domain Name Server, is a framework where the entered domain name will be translated to the related IP address where you can access the required sites, and the more efficient DNS services depend on the efficiency of the DNS providers. 

Your ISP will allocate your DNS servers at whatever point you interact with the internet, yet these may not generally be the best DNS server decision around. Moderate DNS servers can cause a slack before sites begin to stack, and if your server at times goes down, you will be unable to get to any locales whatsoever. 

Changing to a free open DNS server can have a real effect, with more responsive browsing and lengthy 100% uptime records. It offers substantially less possibility of specialized issues.

Now let’s see what type of services provided by Constellix for free DNS services:

Fastest DNS:

There are faster and slower DNS providers. Ordinarily, the DNS given by your ISP is moderate. DNS speeds are not a need for them, and it shows. For DNS providers, be that as it may, it’s about speed. So the Constellix provides the fastest DNS services’ main goal, such as 30 milliseconds, or might be lesser than this. For any iron-clad infrastructure, Constellix is the best choice. Don’t waste your time, and go as fast as you can for Constellix. 

Global query:

Messages or queries it is anything you use over DNS servers. The queries are sending out or receiving in throughout globally. In the realm of DNS, the organizing and content of queries or messages change as peruse. To communicate these queries over a large range of global networks, Constellix provides 80 billion queries per day. The global query presence by Constellix is reliable and fastest. 

DNS Management:

Constellix provides one of the best managed and organized DNS management services. DNS management is a help, which permits domain providers to deal with their DNS records. This way, they can indicate the servers to which their hosts’ various services will point and naturally move the services starting with one server then onto the next if the first isn’t online or can’t offer the ideal help. DNS management is fundamental today when you can have a few servers overseeing services for simply a single website. 

Multi CDN services:

As the name suggests, a Multi CDN is a strategy that utilizes various CDNs from various providers all the while to accomplish better site execution. This is an enhancement over the traditional technique, where organizations buy into various CDNs dependent on execution needs or requirements to accomplish comparative execution upgrades. The main purpose of multi CDN is to load sites in less execution time. Constellix uses real-time machine learning to provide multi CDN services for its clients. 

GLB services:

Global Load Balancing joins GeoDNS routing with load adjusting methods to oversee traffic stream on a worldwide scale. At whatever point a client questions your Global Load Balancing records, they will be replied by name servers and will get a response explicit to their locale. 

Global Load Balancing takes care of numerous issues for appropriated networks, for example, Answer inquiries in the client’s beginning locale and Steer traffic toward assets with a higher limit or are more expense proficient. Constellix provides you with GLB services as it is a free DNS services provider. 


CONTSTELLIX.COM is a free DNS services provider that helps you provide the globally fastest access to queries and messages. It also provides its clients with multi CDN services to lessen the load time for sites. Also, it is a free DNS services provider, but it offers a wide range of enhanced and new technology developments related to your DNS. 

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