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Getting it Wet: Cottonmouth Remedy for Dry Mouth.

We all know the feeling after getting lit, you both feel hungry and thirsty which is pretty normal after smoking weed. Munchies get remedied so easily, but after drinking a lot of water you might  still feel thirsty and your mouth is probably Sahraa desert dry. Dude, that’s not just thirst, you’ve got cottonmouth.

This is not just a common experience to first timers, but also to those who have been hitting the bong for quite a while.

Cottonmouth really happens because our bodies have a built-in system that shuts down saliva production when exposed to Cannabis sativa. There are also other diseases or conditions that can cause the salivary glands to slow down, but the most common reason is smoking weed.

There have been tons of studies done to counteract this problem, especially that cannabis Sativa is also used legally as a medicine (in a few countries). Smoking weed is also not a 19th-century practice since there was proven evidence of its usage by extinct ancient tribes and even those who still thrive today.  But a lot are still struggling with substance abuse involving marijuana as of the moment, and cottonmouth is a common complaint. If you are struggling with marijuana or any drug addiction, seek help from a drug rehab clinic before it’s too late.


There are a number of herbal remedies that are still being used to treat cottonmouth today. Aloe Vera gel and Chrysanthemum tea are a few of the most commonly used herbal treatments for dry mouth.

Aside from traditional treatments, which people less likely consider due to the fact that most really want an immediate cure, there are over- the- counter cure that surprisingly look like normal toddler candies.

But if you don’t want to go through the hassle of chewing candies, given the fact that chewing is trouble for you, you might want to try a breath spray type of cottonmouth remedy.

The packaging is so discreet that not everyone (unless they smoke weed too) would suspect it as something else. If you are in a desperate situation of hiding your cottonmouth issue, this would best fit you since it would look like a normal breath freshening spray that always comes in handy in your pocket or glove compartment.

Cottonmouth must be treated right away because it can cause a lot of dental issues that can possibly harm not just your teeth but your entire mouth as well. If not properly treated, cottonmouth or dry mouth can ruin your tooth enamel and your gums.

Not only that, you will also develop bad breath due to the fact that food was not broken down correctly (saliva helps digestion) and most of the chemicals from your smoke stay in your mouth.

Aside from possibly getting breath sprays or herbal remedies, it is also great if you can do healthy practices that can definitely ease your dry mouth issue. Drinking water frequently is probably a given, but also consider avoiding salty and dry foods that contain high sugar content.

You should also avoid spicy foods because it will just add up to the pain.

You also must frequently apply lip balm to keep your lips hydrated and to avoid them from cracking. Lastly, avoid oral care products that contain peroxide or alcohol because they will only make the drying worse.

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Although there are maybe hundreds of possible ways to get your cottonmouth cured, it is still best to consult a physician, because cottonmouth can happen for various reasons and yours might not be just about getting cherry lit.

Cottonmouth: The Aftermath of Getting Lit

You are probably searching through the internet because you’ve been standing helplessly in front of the fridge for a long time or you probably drank a pool just to ease your dry mouth.

You just got out of a bake sale and your friends are too blitzed to give you an answer that makes sense. Everyone else is too faded to talk about having Euro-style again next time while your lips still stick to your teeth.

Cottonmouth is a colloquial term for having dry mouth after a pot session. It is not your fault if your body has created a counter-reactive system to Indo that makes your brain tell your salivary glands to stop working; or in the easier way to put it, stops sending signals for them to make saliva.

That’s why it is so difficult to even chew cotton-soft bread.

Aside from smoking pot, cottonmouth or dry mouth can also be a product of radiation affecting areas near the head or the neck. Certain cancer treatments cause disturbance to nerves damaging your salivary glands.

But in your case, cottonmouth is merely a product of hitting a bong and not head traumas or cancer, so there’s no need for you to panic.

Aside from getting this from bunk or chronic marijuana it can also be a side effect of some drugs particularly those which are considered “uppers” and “downers”. Even those which are used to treat breathing congestion like asthma and nasal allergies are known to have dry-mouth as a side effect.

There are also a few known diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease that has dry mouth as its side effect as well. Some people even get their salivary glands removed for whatever reason. Tobacco smokers and chewers, just like you, go through this also.

So now you can relax, thinking that you are not alone.

Cottonmouth, aside from literally just having a dry and sticky feeling in your mouth comes with tons of other dental issues. Feeling thirsty all the time, having very little saliva in your mouth and having cracked lips are one of the most obvious symptoms.

Saliva not only provides lubrication to the mouth, but it is also responsible of keeping its environment healthy. This means you are also defenseless to tooth decay and other fungal, bacterial or even viral issues.

Saliva also aids in digestion and it develops appetite, so people with dry mouth are prone to losing weight due to the fact that eating is as painful and difficult as hell and it doesn’t appeal to their taste buds.

Talking about saliva helping your taste buds, having dry mouth will also affect the appearance of your tongue. People with this condition would normally have dry and red (or even white) tongue that hurts even when you only try to talk.

Having mentioned about it in the process of digestion, since foods are not broken down with saliva, you are also expected to have bad breath. Hoarseness of voice when talking is as well anticipated to happen since you have no saliva to get your throat damp.

There are tons of ways to get to the oasis and you sure don’t have to bring gallons of water or drink water from the pool to get away with having a cottonmouth.

Of course, treatment for cottonmouth is not always the same for everyone with it. It can be a case to case basis depending on the reason why you have it. You need to seek a physician’s help whether you think it’s alarming or not, they are going to give you better diagnosis and treatment than most of your folks in the hot box.

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