Role of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nurse in Hospital

Neonatal nursing is a type of nursing in which newborn infants are taken care of.  Childbirth has never been easy; there occur various problems like prematurity, infections, birth defects, surgical problems, etc. This unit of nursing usually takes care of infants who get ill just after the birth and it also undertakes to look after the infants who experience long persisting problems because of prematurity and illness just after the birth. The neonatal nurses generally take care of the infant’s up to 2 years of age. This unit is supposed to give extra care to the infants from the time they are born to the time they are discharged from the hospital.

  • Composition of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit-

 This unit has neonatologists, nurses, therapists, and dieticians.  The neonatologists monitor the health of the infants and suggest the appropriate way to treat them. This unit keeps equipment like radiant warmers, incubators, syringe pumps, etc for the treatment of infants. This unit keeps a special focus to protect children from excessive noise, handling, infections, and cold temperature. 

The NICU in best children’s hospitals in Hyderabad have all the amenities to provide nutrition to infants. It uses an intravenous catheter or an NG tube for the supply of the same. This unit requires special services of a specialist who will take care of the medication of the infants. The medications in the case of infants are different and need more attention as compared to the medications given to the adults. The most important element of this unit is to maintain the fluid balance in the body of the infant.

  • Role of NICU-   

NICU plays the most crucial role in the times when there is a lot of panicking from the side of an infant’s parents and relatives. First, they assess the infant’s case, then they quickly refer, and later the doctors take appropriate actions for the treatment of the infant’s problem. This unit involves a team of highly specialized and experienced doctors who have experience in dealing with such emergencies.

The following are the roles of Neonatal Intensive care unit Nurse:

  • The neonatologist’s nurse takes care of the infants who are born with diseases like respiratory illness, infections, cardiac problems, etc. These nurses help in overcoming these problems of children by giving them adequate treatment for the same.
  • The parents and relatives of the infants suffer depression, anxiety, and fear because of the illness of their infants. The NICU nurses maintain a close relationship with the parents and support them throughout the whole period of treatment.
  • These nurses also teach parents about specialized skills. Once the infant is fine and sent home, these nurses educate the parents about the basics of newborn care. They teach them about medications, oxygen, feedings, and other therapies. They support and educate parents in such a way that they confidently care to take off their babies on their own.

These are the key roles performed by neonatologists nurses. The role of this unit is quite huge and commendable as they work in highly stressful situations. So look for best child care hospital in Hyderabad.

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