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How 6 Things Will Change The Way You Approach Trainual Saas

The locomotive is at the forefront of every modern industry. But what if trains were a thing of the past?

Don’t worry, we’re not forecasting doomsday or anything. But with burgeoning technologies and innovative thinking, traditional methods are aging into obsolescence in startling ways. Trainual saas 27m series altos. With this in mind, I’ve compiled 6 things that will change the way you approach training as a SaaS company today:

1. Gamification 

When it comes to training, the old adage is always ‘just do it’. But you know what? That’s crap.

Training is an integral part of a solid SaaS offering. Getting the product right is only one piece of the pie. Because training is a must for success, and because training should be fun. But most training is boring in one way or another. And as it turns out, engagement is the key to retention. Engaging users is the best way to ensure users stay on a program long enough to see results. So how do we solve both problems? Gamification .

Using game mechanics to make your training more engaging without compromising quality. Studies show that by adding points, badges and other incentives like achievements people learn more and retain information better than they would when solely relying on lectures and reading material. 

2. Microlearning

With attention spans like that of a goldfish, and with the rise of constant connectivity to the internet, traditional training methods just aren’t going to cut it. Instead of spending hours watching boring videos, you can now break down concepts into 5 minute nuggets of information. 

This is an ideal way to efficiently cover a lot of material in a short amount of time. Just make sure the content is interesting and valuable to your audience and you’ll see results that far exceed the duration of any video or lecture ever could.

3.  Incremental learning

It takes a lot of time to learn everything you need to know in order to be a successful SaaS entrepreneur. There are so many areas you need to understand and master in order to run a profitable business.

One thing holding companies back from training their employees is the fear that training too many new employees at once will cause expertise to be lost within the team. This is an irrational fear because you can always rely on expert training for complex, high priority skills and leave the fundamentals for everyone to learn at their own pace.


4. Gamified incremental learning

Today, employees are just as interested in learning new things as they were when they were children. So why not make your training more fun and motivating by including video games?

Gamified incremental learning is a great way to reach multiple objectives simultaneously. A step above microlearning is the idea of using microlearning to train new employees in a way that adds skill over time. This type of training is known as Gamified incremental learning. 

I was blown away when I heard about a startup that practically does this with real money! Their goal is to teach people about a wide range of IT skills in a fun, competitive environment. Not only do students have the opportunity to win cash prizes but the platform is gamified with leaderboards, achievements and points!

5. Cloud Training

What do you need to know about companies like Google and Amazon? There are so many different services and technologies in the cloud that it’s nearly impossible for someone to be prepared when they first come on board.

I have good news for you. Cutting-edge technology is making traditional training costly and time consuming. With cloud training, you can  deliver content anywhere  to any device at any time without the cost of providing hard drives or software. Cloud training allows employees to learn at their own pace, often freeing up extra hours they normally would spend trying to get to a computer lab or waiting until they get home.

6. Role playing

Nothing is better than experience for teaching someone to do something. Role playing allows you to put your trainees in the shoes of a real SaaS entrepreneur so they can learn from their own mistakes. 

If you used our platform in the past you’ll remember that we’ve added a role-playing feature where users can put themselves in the shoes of a real customer service representative and practice handling different situations on their own schedule. Role playing is becoming more and more popular as users discover it’s a quick and easy way to improve their soft skills by immersing themselves in realistic, but safe, business situations.

Conclusion of this article:

Gamification, microlearning, incremental learning, cloud training and role playing are how you can improve the SaaS training process by engaging your users and helping them progress faster.

Taken together, these 6 things will change the way you approach training as a SaaS company today. They are fun, low cost and can be leveraged by pretty much any size of business. Best of all, they don’t require a big time or capital investment which is perfect for startups just getting off the ground!

Aaron Finch
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