How to Attract More Customers to Your Store

With the whole world seemingly shopping online, you might feel it’s an uphill battle encouraging customers to step inside your store. However, it is possible to increase foot traffic and generate a healthier annual revenue. 

If you want your brand to enjoy great success, read these effective tips for attracting more customers to your store.

Give Your Storefront a Makeover

Dirty windows, dull signage, and bland colors could lead to your target market walking past your store. Encourage them to venture inside by sprucing up your storefront. For example, you must clean your windows, paint your exterior, and lay down a welcome mat.

Also, you might need to remove your current signage and replace it with an eye-catching, professional graphic design. Remember, your customers should be able to read your sign from a distance, and it must reflect the products you sell and the company’s values.

An Attractive Window Display

Provide passers-by with a glimpse of your products by creating an attention-grabbing window display. For example, if you’re a fashion retailer, you could showcase your best styles or designer brands on high-quality mannequins

If a customer likes what they see, they might venture inside to check out an item for themselves and even make a purchase.

Announce the Store is Open

If your store appears dark and the doors are closed, a potential customer might walk on. Increase footfall into the store by looking for ways to announce you’re open, as you could:

  • Display an “Open” sign during business hours
  • Lay down a welcome mat
  • Open the store’s doors
  • Turn on the lights

Promote Parking

Customers are more likely to visit your store if they know where to park. If you provide parking for customers, add a sign at the front of the store that indicates where they can park, such as “free parking at the rear, “ it can prevent customers from turning their cars around and driving to a competitor.

Host In-Store Events

If you’re struggling to increase your customer base and annual sales, you must look for ways to drive your target market into your store. In-store events cannot only encourage new and existing customers to visit your physical store, but it could generate a buzz about your brand.

For example, you could host a:

  • Product launch
  • Fashion show
  • Author reading
  • Book signing
  • Art exhibition
  • Product tasting
  • Live music event

Add a Selfie Wall

A selfie wall can improve the customer experience and help your brand generate a buzz across social media. Your target market might be more than happy to pose underneath a cool backdrop or neon sign, and they’ll likely tag your brand. 

Spread the good word by creating a cool hashtag for your visitors to use on social media after snapping a selfie. You could even encourage them to tag by providing them with an in-store discount after tagging your store.

Don’t forget to also shake up your selfie wall from time to time to give your customers a reason to venture inside.

Radhe Gupta
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