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How To Become a Factory Certified Appliance Technician? A Quick Guide

Household appliances are bound to fail. And when the inevitable happens, appliance owners will surely ring an appliance repair company or a technician. For sure, they will be looking for someone with experience and certification. Most of the time, looking for a technician is just a click away.

One of the easiest ways for consumers to find a reputable appliance repair technician is by checking with the appliance manufacturer. Major appliance brands have a list of authorized service centers throughout the country. Appliance owners can easily browse this list as they search for an accredited technician near them.

Factory certified appliance repair companies are manned by technicians who have undergone training and certification by the company. This designation is exclusively awarded to companies or technicians who have attended and completed training provided by the manufacturer.

Reputable appliance service providers are certified by several popular appliance manufacturers. These authorizations speak of their technician’s qualifications and proficiency. For appliance repair companies, getting these certifications entails investing in the training and continuing education of their technicians. Meanwhile, for consumers, this ensures the safe and quality handling of their pricey investments.

Quick Overview on How to Become a Factory Certified Appliance Technician

Training and getting certified by appliance companies will not only improve your technical knowledge and proficiency, but it will also boost your marketability. As an appliance technician, you surely want to join this ‘elite club.’ Here’s a quick overview of how one can become a factory-certified appliance technician.

  • Firstly, enroll in a trade or vocational program that specializes in electronics.
  • Choose a field of specialization or complete a further apprenticeship program.
  • Pass certification exams provided by accredited organizations such as the International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians.
  • Enroll in a factory certification training, as provided online, on-site at the factory, or under an accredited training provider.
  • Attend periodic hands-on training to maintain certification as a factory-certified technician.

Some manufacturer training requires specific competencies. Check with the factory if they have any pre-requisites and complete them before attending the program. For example, refrigerator technicians require knowledge of handling and using hazardous materials like coolant. Meanwhile, smart appliances necessitate a background in smart technology and computers.

Why Invest in Getting Factory Certified?

With the ever-changing technology, modern appliances are now run by state-of-the-art technologies. Although the principles of electronics and electricity have remained unchanged, many of the latest appliance models have sophisticated technologies.

According to Tampa appliance repair, Hartman, many appliance manufacturers now discourage consumers from getting their machines repaired by non-factory certified technicians. This is to ensure that the complicated electronic circuitry is kept intact and that the integrity of the appliance’s board is maintained. And although the majority of appliances are run by the same principles, manufacturers have different ways of building their products – and this requires a unique approach to repairing them. Specific brand knowledge puts you ahead of other technicians who have not undergone more thorough training.

Quite obviously, consumers who have invested a huge sum on feature-laden appliances are less likely to risk their belongings to inadequate repairs by non-certified appliance repair providers.

Benefits of Getting Factory Certified

Being factory-certified is a badge that makes you more marketable and opens many earning opportunities. The certification means you are equipped with the skills to return the appliance to its original factory condition. It also stands for the following attributes:

  • You are an expert in diagnostics, troubleshooting, product maintenance, and customer service.
  • You use genuine or authorized spare parts for repair.
  • You can directly refer to the product in case of problems during a repair.
  • You offer warranty coverage and competitive rates.
  • You are trusted by the factory to perform the correct techniques and procedures.
  • You are knowledgeable about any product recalls.

Factory certification is a big nod and approval of your competencies and the quality of service you offer. The more certifications you have, the better for your practice, especially nowadays that consumers are becoming more prudent and careful when it comes to entrusting their appliances. Appliance owners are more likely to hire qualified and certified electronics technicians. This makes it worthwhile to invest time and money in getting certified.

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