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Off-Campus Living: The Ultimate Checklist

After being familiar with the school system and its environment, it gets to a time when you want to live off-campus and be in your own space. Living off-campus can be exciting and overwhelming, but you should remember that specific responsibilities come with living outside the school compound. New additional things will be required before moving in, and in this article, we have put together the ultimate checklist that will assist you in your transition to a new apartment house. Also, make sure you double-check the list to avoid duplicating items.

Educational Items

Your new housing will not be equipped with academic supplies like the one in your school dorm. So make a list of buying cabinets for storing your exam papers and books, a chair, and a comfortable desk for your successful studying. You can add any additional list of your own depending on your study habits.

Bathroom accessories

You probably had your bathroom in the school facilities, so maybe you know what to include in your checklist. If you never had your own, you will need to buy some essential things besides soaps and a towel. Make a list of the following required accessories: shower shoes, a bath mat, hair conditioner and shampoos, toothpaste, toilet papers, curtains, and combs, among other supplies you need.

Bedrooms items

Some housing may have beds others may not have. If it has a bed, check for the bed measurements to know the size of the sheets to buy. If you are buying your bed, make sure the size of the bed matches that of your bedding and mattress to avoid incurring the additional expense of purchasing new ones. Don’t forget to include pillows and blankets in your list.

Washing Supplies

You will be cleaning your own house, and therefore it is necessary to include cleaning supplies in your list. You will need things like dusters and rags, detergents and soaps, brooms, a mop bucket, and a vacuum cleaner to keep your rooms clean.

Closet and Clothing Accessories

The availability of spacious rooms will depend on the type of house you are about to live in. At Tarleton state university housing, there is enough space to fit your clothing. There is enough space to fit your clothes, towels, and sheets. You can create your drawer units to store your clothes or add a closet for your personal belongings. In your clothing list, don’t forget to add iron. Iron will help improve your styling look.

Electronic Supplies

Things like chargers, laptops, Wi-Fi and Routers for school research and studying, printers, and extension cords in your new apartment will be needed. You probably had them in your school dorm, but in case you didn’t, make a point of putting them on the list. If you share your apartment with your friends, you can buy the accessories together to reduce costs and discuss the split after college.

House equipments and Decors

You can begin with entry-level furniture like a couch, clock, pictures, and paints if you love arts, shelves, and a coffee table to make your room presentable. Your housing furniture will depend on the size of your house. The bigger the house, the more the furniture you will need and vice versa. You will also need to include kitchen utensils in your list to avoid extra expenses on hotel foods. Cooking your food is cheaper than ordering food from hotels, so make sure the essential kitchen utensils like pots, spoons, cups, and pans, appliances like microwaves, blenders, dishes, among other kitchen items, are on your lists.

Miscellaneous Items

Don’t forget to make a list of your miscellaneous items. They could be few on the list, but they also complete your list of items needed. Miscellaneous items include things like umbrellas, sports equipment if you are a sports player and a backpack.


Having the above checklist will help you get ready to live off-campus. The list will also help your transition from your school dorm to your new house. These items will prepare and help you live smoothly and comfortably without encountering any surprises.

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