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Need some new real estate farming ideas? Try these 4 unique marketing ideas to sell ranch houses

If you are a new real estate agent, you might be focusing your venture on selling ranch houses. This popular type of property is one of the most desirable when looking at the real estate market, since it is modern, functional, aesthetic, and used in many different types of cultures and states. Traditional ranch-style homes are usually one story, with the architecture focused on maximizing most of the space by using an open floor plan layout which makes the house seem bigger than it actually is! This type of house is very common with families who are looking to save money and avoid spending money on multi-story homes, while still having plenty of space for a living room, dining room, and multiple bedrooms. 

If you’re trying to sell ranch houses for your real estate venture, then there are some unique real estate farming ideas you can use on your marketing tactics and postcard to broadcast your services to the public. How can you make yourself stand out vs. the competition? We have the best ideas here!

Describe the positives of a ranch house

The first way that you can broadcast your services to the public is by saying why ranch houses are superior to other options in the local area. If you are trying to sell ranch houses in Tempe, Arizona, then make sure you say WHY ranch houses are the better choice vs. other homes, like Spanish-style homes or condominiums. State the positives of purchasing and living in ranch houses, like an open concept floor plan, functional patio space, large windows, finished basement, and garage. 

Describe the types of ranch homes

The second type of real estate farming idea that you can use to market and sell houses in the local area is describing the various types of ranch houses. Not all ranch houses are made the same! There are California ranch houses, split-level ranch houses, raised ranch houses, and much more! Describe the differences and who might be interested in each type of ranch house on the postcard.

Describe benefits exterior maintenance

The third benefit of using real estate farming ideas is that you can have easier exterior maintenance on this type of house vs. other options. For those who do not want to spend the majority of their time doing yard work or keeping up the integrity of their home, ranch houses reign supreme. Some ranch houseowners invest in their house exterior and upgrade it with the use of stones, bricks, and mortar to become long-lasting and because they does not easily wear overtime. If you are interested, find the best masonry contractor in your area and they would be glad to help you out.

Show photos of current houses

The last way that you can use real estate farming ideas to sell your ranch house is by showing photos of houses that are currently for sale on the market. By showing the beauty of these houses currently up for grabs, you can entice people to put money down on a future house!


Are you a new agent in the real estate market? If so, you need to broadcast why YOU are the best option for people who are looking to buy a house. By focusing on a special type of house, like ranch houses, you can put yourself into a niche and become the leader in the specified industry. Make sure you use unique real estate farming ideas for your marketing strategies, like broadcasting current houses on the market, describing the benefits of ranch houses, and explaining the different types of houses.

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