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Omg! The Best Trendy Luxury Ever!

You’ve been hearing about “luxury” and “trendy” for months now, but now you’re convinced it’s time to buy. But from which brands for dirty halloween memes? That’s the first question on your mind. You’re in luck! This article is here to help you find the ultimate trendsetter of luxuriously-priced trendy luxury products right now, known as Chanel.

1. Where it Came From

Everybody’s talking about Chanel because of their famous status for basically inventing everything, including the scarf and the bathrobe. So that means if you wear anything by them, people will be talking about you too.

2. Their Products

You’re probably thinking that Chanel only produces handbags and shoes – they also have a huge range of sportswear! You can go to sports in your sportswear if you want to, or maybe even tennis or basketball… The whole world is your oyster when wearing Chanel sportswear!

3. Their Headlines

You must have heard of the names Joan and Coco before. Now it’s time to know more facts about those personas.

Joan: Known as the world’s most famous fashion designer, Joan is an icon of fashion. She started out designing for a Parisian couture house but eventually left to start her own design company with her sister, known as Chanel No 2. She was also the one who started introducing such fashion forward concepts such as high-waisted pants, miniskirts and open dresses. Her signature products include the famous Chanel handbags and perfume.

Coco: Known more for her insatiable appetite for life and her love of men, fashion and extravagant living, she was the namesake of the Chanel brand. She became an icon in the 1920s despite being known as a notorious party girl who had several lovers. Her signature products include the famous Chanel perfume.

4. The Name “Chanel”

The brand name “Chanel” was derived from its creator’s name, but pronounced differently to make it easier for people to pronounce. The creator wanted something that would look good on both a French and an English label so she chose two different ways of pronouncing her name: French (shane) or English (shahn).

5. The Designers

The sisters worked together to create the original designs but when Coco took her sister’s ideas and started using them for her own personal purposes, the two sisters then fell out. Eventually, their feud ended when Coco was asked to design for the American market and she agreed – only if the company was named after her beloved sister instead. Either way, both designers’ names are a part of the Chanel brand name today!

6. The Logo

Chanel knew that their branding was just as important as their products so they decided to choose something simple and timeless – a double C. Her logo is still a classic today so that is why people still know and appreciate Channel today!

7. The Style Icon

Until today, Coco has been an icon of fashion and people love her for her love of life and extravagance. She was also known to be a bit of a troublemaker and would sometimes go behind the backs of the other designers. However, this is still seen as good marketing because it made people want to buy more so they ended up buying more products to show off their crazy lifestyle!

8. The Celebrities

Brittany, who is a popular singer, and Beyonce Knowles, who is a popular singer and actress, are often seen wearing Chanel products. They probably wear them because they know how great the items are!

9. The Prices

High-end fashion often comes at high prices. However, that doesn’t stop consumers from wanting to get their hands on these designer products! Chanel items can easily cost thousands of dollars but people still feel that they are worth the price because they know they will be one of the most stylish people around!

10. The Trendsetters

Anybody and everybody who wants to be a trendsetter has to start with Chanel fashion and accessories. The products are worn by everyone nowadays!

The Chanel brand is one of the most famous names in the fashion industry. And with such an excellent assortment of products, it’s no wonder that they’re known as major trendsetters today! There are so many high-end items that you can choose from, all with quality that you can only find at Chanel. What are you waiting for? Don’t look further than Chanel!


Chanel is famous for its high-quality fashion accessories and perfumes. The company was founded by Coco Chanel and her sister Joan in 1910. These two sisters have made their mark on fashion history today through their iconic creations, starting with the famous handbags.

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