Quilt: Its Sizes and Proper Way of Measuring

Are you tired of deciding which size of the quilt will fit your bed? Not sure if it is the queen-size quilt or the king quilts. Here, you will understand the proper way of measuring your desired size of quilts that will perfectly fit your bed. 

The final measurements are clearly defined if you use a pattern and follow the directions strictly. However, if you want to alter or layout a template to create your quilt to fit a particular bed in your house, the project’s final size is entirely up to you.

Quilt and bed sizes guide

You should consider who will use it. Are they little kids or grownups? Will they need to drape it over their laps or wrap themselves in it? Again, your estimation will give you the best final size.

Follow the steps given to determine the size of your quilt by measuring a bed. When trying to measure, get the beddings and pillows used with a quilt on the bed. The portion of the bedspread that reaches over the border of the mattress is referred to as the “drop.”

The portion of the quilt that slides underneath the pillows if you want your quilt to wrap them is referred to as the “tuck.” It can be narrow. It is important to note that the portion of quilting handled and the form of batting used would lead to a 3–5% reduction in the overall size of the quilt. Plan ahead of time for shrinkage if you plan on washing and drying the final quilt.

Width measurement

Add twice the drop length to the width of the mattress. To determine the drop length for a comforter-size completed piece, measure from the top of the mattress to a little below its lower edge. Next, measure from the upper edge of the mattress to just beyond the lower part of the bed rail for the coverlet—finally, measure from the upper edge of the mattress to just before the ground for the bedspread.

Length measurement

If you desire the quilt to cover your pillows, estimate the length of the mattress, then add a drop length plus 10 to 20 inches for the cushion tuck. The precise measure to add depends on the volume of the pillows and the extent of the tuck. If you do not require your quilt go over the cushions, measure the length of the mattress, and add a bit of length.

The mattress and the batting sizes

Please keep in mind that the batting sizes are pre-cut batts that are commercially available. All are measured by width x length.

  • Crib: Its mattress size is 23×46,” and the batting size is 45×60.”
  • Twin: Its mattress size is 39×75,” and the batting size is 72×90.”
  • Double (Full): Its mattress size is 54×75,” and the batting size is 81×96.”
  • Queen: Its mattress size is 60×80,” and the batting size is 90×108.”
  • King: The king quilts’ mattress size is 76×80,” and the batting size is 120×120.”
  • California King: Its mattress size is 72×84,” and the batting size is 120×120.”

Quilting, the sewing, and layering of fabric aim of providing warmth and style is a centuries-old art form. It includes a wide range of techniques from all over the world available in the market. 

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