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Are you an avid online gamer who has been stuck playing the same game for months? 

You might have been trying to avoid the tasks of other life duties, 

hustling from your desk to a treadmill as you try to escape from work, or bothering with relationships as you hope they’ll fall into place. 

But truthfully, those hours spent in The Lord of the Rings Online are also keeping you from living your life. 

To break free from gaming’s grasp and live it fully again, making time for new hobbies is important.

This blog is meant to help gamers find new activities that will keep them engaged beyond just playing games. 

Whether you are looking for new ways to get exercise, 

are trying new foods or are trying something you’ve never done before, this is the place to get advice.

We’ve created guides to help you get involved in activities that will accomplish just that. 

Read the guides to find out what you should do, how to do it and when to begin. Start your new hobby off with a bang!

Radz Gamers is dedicated to teaching gamers how they can overcome the drawbacks of gaming addiction and escape permanently. 

Because of our guests’ own journeys, we also provide help in obtaining sponsors for gaming rehab facilities, 

in addition to providing you the tools necessary in altering your lifestyle for the better, so you can live life fully without gaming.

Whether it’s helping you secure financing for gaming addiction rehab facilities 

 provide resources on online resources for gamers seeking positive alternatives, our information is here for you. 

We hope you enjoy the blog and the information provided here as much as we do creating it.

Be sure to check out our podcast where we interview guests from all walks of life, but share a common interest in gaming. 

We help those with gaming addiction by providing them with a kickstart into their new gaming-free life.

 Be sure to check out our blog for a variety of articles on gaming addiction, recovery and more.

The above article was posted on Gamer Escape on May 24th, 2014. You can view the original article here . 

You can read past articles from Gamer Escape here .

Radz Gamers was created in January 2014 by Nikki. 

Nikki has been playing online games since the age of roughly 9, starting with Neopets. 

She currently has 3 characters in Final Fantasy XIV, 2 characters in Star Wars 

The Old Republic, 1 character in Lord Of The Rings Online, 1 character in Everquest 2 and 1 character in the Repopulation.

She also owns several other online accounts that are not being used at this time.

 She’s logged over 1000 hours into Final Fantasy XIV since September 21st, 2013 

 over 1500 hours into Lord Of The Rings Online since September 14th, 2008 . 

You can learn more about Nikki through her profile on Gamer Escape , which you can read here .


This is the first artwork I’ve done for Radz Gamers. An ode to everyone who has struggled with addiction to games,

 this beautiful piece shows the common traits among those who are addicted.

 The heart is painted in red, to represent anger or rage that leads people into gaming addiction. 

The eye represents obsession, as others may see you as mindless following the lure of pixels. 

Finally , to represent hope, I have added a single white rose on the bottom border of the painting.

 It feeds into one’s desire to survive without games and it also symbolizes freedom from gaming addiction.

The reader can send me your comments regarding this artwork at [email protected]

I will post the top 10 comments from well wishes to critiques.

 Josh Lobo

In September 2013, Josh Lobo contacted me in regards to getting a logo for Radz Gamers. 

After a few notes back and forth, we both agreed on a simple logo that showcases the addiction to gaming and escape from it.

 It is a simplistic yet memorable design that will attract gamers who are seeking help from their addiction to games. 

You can get more information on what Josh does through his website here . 

You can get in touch with him through his e-mail address: [email protected] .radz-at-han


In September when I was contacted by Josh about getting a logo for Radz Gamers, I had my design ready.

 After he requested a few revisions, 

we finally agreed on a final design that shows the common traits of gaming addiction and how it can also have positive effects on your life. 

You can get all the details of this article through my homepage here .

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