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Why dab rigs are the best way to get smooth hits and strong highs

If you are debating what type of smoking method that you want to use to get a strong high, intense flavor, smooth hit, and long-lasting effects, then dab rigs could be the way to go. If you are wondering what type of smoking method is the best for you and other advanced users, dab rigs are usually on the top of your list – dab rigs, bongs, bubblers, and multi-part apparatuses typically deliver the most fun and most intense smoking experience compared to single-part mechanisms, like vape pens, joints, or edibles. 

Let’s see a few benefits of using dab rigs from The Freeze Pipe and why they are one of the best choices when it comes to getting strong hits and intense highs!

The benefits of using dab rigs

First off, what is a bong? Although you have heard of this apparatus before – or you’ve seen it during your weekly trips to the dispensary – you might never have really understood what this apparatus entails. A dab rig, also known as an oil rig, is a type of complicated water pipe that has many moving parts. The dab rig has two main portions – the chamber and the main body. 

Within the chamber, you have the nail – you can either use a regular nail or an e-nail. The e-nail will heat up automatically – on the other hand, the nail will need the user to use a torch to heat the apparatus to the proper temperature. The main body of the dab rig is usually made out of silicone, glass, or another type of material that will avoid breaking or becoming hurt during high levels of heat. The dab nail is typically made of ceramic or titanium so it can be long-lasting high-quality, and marble.

Smooth hit

One of the main benefits of using a dab rig for a strong high is that the hits will be smooth. Instead of worrying about the harshness of the smoke and the weed going down your throat and into your lungs, you can rest assured that the water in the dab rig will get rid of the smoke. Instead, you will have a smooth hit that is easy going down your throat. 


The next reason that you might consider using a dab rig for your next smoking session to get a strong and long-lasting high is that it is very efficient. You don’t have to worry about any convoluted measures – instead, everything in your dab rig is there for a reason. You will use the carb cap, nail, and torch to heat the concentrate until it vaporizes. At this point, you can then smoke the waxy concentrates and get very high!

Smooth flavor

The last reason to use a dab rig is that you will have a strong and long-lasting favor. Unlike other smoking methods, which lose the flavor through the smoke and the distillation process, the dab rig keeps the integrity of the flavor during the entire experience. You can enjoy any flavor of your choosing with the dab rig – just choose the concentrate that you want and enjoy!


If you are considering using a dab rig vs. other smoking apparatus for your next smoking experience, the dab rig can be the best choice for you. If you want a strong, long-lasting, and flavorful high, this is the way to go. 

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