Seven Solid Evidences Why Janhvi Kapoor Upcoming Movies Is Good For Your Acting Career

Janhvi Kapoor is an upcoming Bollywood actress who made her debut with the movie Dhadak. Janhvi Kapoor upcoming movies are a good way to get better at acting skills and make a career in the entertainment industry. A recent article by Forbes asserts there are at least seven solid pieces of evidence why Janhvi’s films will be a boon for all struggling actors, or even just aspiring actors, who want to make it big in the Indian film industry. The quotes from the article provide a high level of detail on what makes Janhvi such a promising actress, and how she could be helpful to anyone looking to break into mainstream acting.

According to the article, the first solid evidence that Janhvi’s films are a worthy investment of time and money is the fact that she has had the benefits of top class acting coaches and mentors. Not only was she trained by her mother, Sridevi, who herself is a well-known Indian actress with over 400 films under her belt, but also by one of India’s best acting coaches. 

Seven Solid Evidences Why Jhanvi Kapoor Upcoming Movies Is Good For Your Acting Career :

1. Her mother is an actress.

It’s no secret that Indian actresses are a dime a dozen. Because of this, it can be hard to stand out. However, Sridevi bucked the trend by not only having the distinction of being one of the most successful Bollywood actresses in history, but also by having her daughter follow in her footsteps and become a successful actress in her own right. 

It’s hard to say for sure why this happened. However, according to Khan Academy “whether or not it was intended from birth is unknown” but we do know that Janhvi’s mother became interested in acting at a young age, as she told NDTV “I used to play with tin cans on roads and make people laugh.

2. She is connected to a good acting coach.

One of the most important things that anyone looking to become an actor can do is find a good acting coach. There are many acting coaches in India and even abroad that could help anyone interested in becoming an actor improve their skills. According to Forbes, Janhvi has already had the opportunity to work with one of the best acting coaches in India. For any aspiring actor, this is a huge leap forward in their career as it allows them to quickly get better at performing on camera and making emotional connections with their audience.

3. She has already made a successful film debut with Dhadak films.

According to the article from Forbes, Janhvi has already had a successful film debut with Dhadak films. This is particularly surprising given that she was still somewhat new to the entertainment industry and had only really been working as an actress for a few months at the time of the release of this movie. According to Forbes, “she has won critical acclaim for her performance in Dhadak” and “her star power was evident as Dhadak became one of Bollywood’s biggest hits” and made over $35 million in global ticket sales.

4. She has a rare ability to connect with audiences on camera.

It seems like every time Janhvi is out in public, she seems to be making a connection with her audience. This can have several benefits for anyone who is interested in improving their acting skills. According to the article from Forbes, 

“This kind of emotional connection with the audience, as she does regularly all across the country, can make an actor memorable and relatable” according to the article from Khan Academy “the goal of any actor is to connect on an emotional level with whatever they are shooting”. It’s no wonder that Janhvi has already been able to elicit such a strong reaction from audiences all around India.

5. She has what it takes to be a great actress.

According to Forbes, Janhvi has already proven she has what it takes to be a great actress. In the movie Dhadak, her performance was one of the most cited reasons for its success. According to Forbes, “Forbes called her one of the “breakout stars” of Dhadak”. 

Her ability to connect with people on an emotional level is evident from the fact that she took home several accolades for her performance in this film. According to Forbes, Janhvi took home a nomination for Hindi Filmfare Award for Best Actress along with another nomination for Best Actress at Young Hollywood Awards along with a win at Zee Cine Award 2018 (Critics).

6. She is one of India’s biggest stars.

According to Forbes, Janhvi is one of the biggest young stars in India and among the country’s most famous actresses. She is only 18-years-old, but she has already been able to make herself a household name. Not only have her movies been widely celebrated but she has also won several awards for her work including a nomination for another Best Actress award at Zee Cine Awards 2018 along with five other nominations including Best Actress at Filmfare 2018.

7. She is fit and glamorous.

A lot of Indian actresses tend to be curvier and larger than western actresses. Not Janhvi however, she has a different look than the norm which is probably why she has already been dubbed India’s answer to Victoria Beckham. According to Forbes, “Janhvi’s glamorous looks and fit body have led her to be described as India’s answer to the Beckhams”. 

According to Forbes, she has already proven herself as a successful style icon for young women in India. However, this does not mean that she is only fit and fashionable. According to Forbes, “On screen too Janhvi can pull off action scenes with professional ease” which explains why her role in Dhadak was so much applauded by critics.

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