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Tea Infuser Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

If you are someone who loves to drink the refreshing and “warming” beverage tea but is a bit intimidated by learning how to use the infuser and all of its complicated settings, then this article is for you. In fact, there are many reasons why you might want to switch from using an infuser to just using tea bags. For instance, if you don’t want an extra item cluttering up your kitchen or if your diy tea infuser doesn’t fit in with your current decor—no problem! We’ve got plenty of tips on how to make life easier without giving up on your favorite beverage.

1. Eliminate Clutter. 

Tea bags are discrete and can be stored anywhere, even in tiny kitchens and closets. If you don’t have room for that big infuser in your favorite drinking spot, find a new place to gather with friends or family around the table for a relaxing cuppa. 

2. Ditch the Myths. 

There is no need to buy an expensive infuser if you wouldn’t mind using tea bags—just because a tea-infusing device is more sophisticated doesn’t mean it’s better in every way possible! For example, some models hold less water and don’t produce as strong of a brew as you might expect from something costing over $10 USD .

3. Finger Space Saver. 

Since tea bags come in tiny bags, they take up all of your infuser’s space. If you don’t have extra room for an infuser, try storing your tea bags in pretty jars to make that space neat and tidy. 

4. Eliminate Hemming and hawing. 

There is no need to worry about how long you should let your tea steep for. With pre-packaged tea bags, you just add them to your mug and wait for them to brew. Pads and other accessories are not necessary for most tea drinkers—not even for the most advanced infusers. If you don’t want to spend your time fussing over the perfect steeping time, then a simple tea bag will do just fine. 

5. Eliminate One-Size-Fits-All Teas. 

Learn how to make tea that’s suitable for yourself and/or your guests—just as any chef would prepare a meal for their friends or family. If you have only been drinking strong black tea, try experimenting with herbal blends like chamomile or lavender—you might be surprised at how pleasant they can taste! 

6. More Options in Seasonally Available Leaves. 

Tea bags are practical if you want to try out some new teas, but you might not like their single-blend taste—especially when it comes to fruity, sweet or flavored types. The best way to go about this is to invest in a few different types of tea bags and make blends based on the flavors that your guests prefer. 

7. Eliminate Waste. 

Tea bags are typically cheap, so many people think that they’re the way to go if you want a large amount of tea to brew for a large group. But if you want to brew for only two or three people and want some variety, then get several different types of tea bags and use them depending on your mood or the occasion. 

8. Eliminate Storing Tea Bags. 

Tea bags can be placed in a dishwasher to remove stains, but if you don’t have one or want the entire appliance to accommodate tea bags, then you should use some sort of dishwasher-safe bag. If you have a lot of tea bags, then it’s best to make one cup of each type every time you brew—that way, you can store these flavorful little sticks in an airtight container without worrying about mold or other smelly problems. 

9. Skip the Bags and Save Time.  

Many people like tea for its relaxing and soothing effects—especially if you’ve run out of your favorite hot beverage and need to take a break from studying or stress at work. Tea bags definitely save you some time because they’re prepared to be steeped right away, but if you want the experience without any fuss, try making a teabag-free blend of loose-leaf varieties. 

10. Teapot Not Included.  

If you have a teapot and want to add flavor to your beverage, then try replacing your tea bag with loose-leaf tea. This will give you the opportunity to create a new blend for yourself and for your guests. With just this one change, you could make a nice cup of chamomile tea by blending it with other herbal varieties like mint or lavender. 


The main point is that if you want to use a tea infuser, then use it and don’t feel bad about it. But if you prefer the convenience of tea bags, then use them—there’s no need to feel like there’s something wrong with you or that you have to have the “best” tea infuser in order to enjoy a nice cup of hot or cold tea. The bottom line is that there are many different ways to brew tea and anything you choose is perfectly fine—just have fun, experiment and find what works best for you! 

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