The Benefits Of Hot Desking

Hot desking spaces are sometimes assumed to be only for freelancers and start-up entrepreneurs who do not need their own dedicated office space. While the flexibility of hot desking is certainly ideal for those people, more and more businesses are realizing the benefits that hot desking has to offer. 

There is an increasing focus on the importance of flexible working practices, with their positive impact on productivity and employee well-being being the main benefits. More employees are choosing to work from home, which can mean that businesses do not need to lease a permanent office space that is rarely filled to capacity. Renting desk space in a co-working or serviced office space can be a great alternative. 

This article explores the benefits of hot desking for companies and their employees. 

Employees have more control 

One of the quickest ways to squash your employees’ motivation and engagement is to micromanage their every move, and insisting that they be at the office sat at their desk between certain hours of the day can restrict creativity. People are more productive than others at different times of the day, some people prefer to work in busy environments, and others need complete silence or music to focus. Enabling employees to hot desk gives them more autonomy over their work environment and possibly their hours, and the ability to arrange their working day in the way that is most productive for them. 

Reduced costs on commercial real estate

Leasing or buying a commercial property can be costly, especially if you want to be in a big city. This can prevent small businesses and start-ups from having access to a professional workspace. More people are choosing to work remotely on either a full or part-time basis, which may mean that investing in a permanent office space is unnecessary. By using hot desking spaces, businesses can avoid paying a lease, mortgage, and utilities but still have access to all the facilities they need to run a business. 

Access to excellent facilities 

Hot desking and co-working spaces are often equipped with excellent facilities and amenities; they are not just rooms with desks and chairs. The best hot desking spaces have superfast Wi-Fi and backups to prevent outages, as well as meeting rooms, free refreshments in communal areas, and customer service personnel on standby to help with any problems. 

Are there any drawbacks to hot desking?

It is important that you make the right choice for your business, so you need to consider the pros and cons of hot desking. For example, some businesses deal with highly confidential data regularly, and doing so over a shared internet connection could pose security risks if you do not have the correct cybersecurity protocols in place. Hot desking might not appeal to employees who like to have a regular place of work and a structured routine, and there may also be some concerns over hygiene when multiple people are using the same space. 

Of course, businesses do not need to go ‘all-in’ on either a traditional office, working from home, or a hot desking arrangement – many choose a combination of the two to ensure their employees have access to both. 

Radhe Gupta
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