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You’ve got a list of email subscribers, but they’re not clicking on your emails meme day outfits as often as you’d like them to. This might be because: 1) You send out emails that are irrelevant to the people who already signed up 2) The content of your emails is lacking 3) Your email autoresponder is frustrating for readers with too much self-promotion

It’s important to make sure that the email marketing service you’re using has all of the features required for a successful campaign. Some services will offer advanced targeting capabilities (i.e., segmenting your email list based on demographics and interests), which allows you to more effectively tailor your messaging towards each person in your subscriber base.

1. Sending relevant emails:

When writing your email messages, there are a number of things you should keep in mind. A recent study by MarketingSherpa found that the most effective emails are ones that include helpful information as well as information that relates back to the interests of your recipients. When you add these two elements, it’s much more likely to generate a clickthrough-rate (CTR).

A recent survey by SendGrid found that readers click on links hoping for content that’s related to their interests (e.g., articles about the latest sports results). So when writing a new email message, consider adding a call-to-action that connects directly with your subscribers’ interests.

2. Emphasizing the value of your emails:

When you add a link to their website in your email messages, it immediately tells readers that your main purpose is to drive them towards making a purchase. The SendGrid survey found that email recipients are less likely to click on links when they feel like you’re trying to sell them something. If a reader comes across this sort of email, they might mark it as spam and avoid clicking on any future emails you send out, or even opt out altogether.

Instead of focusing on your products and services, try adding information that will help your readers solve their problems or answer their questions without explicitly pitching them on anything. For example, the most effective email messages in the SendGrid survey included tips on how to get things done in a certain way, or information that helped customers reach a certain result.

Another option is to make a conscious effort to include more personality and informality in your message. This will help readers feel like you’re trying to teach them something instead of trying to sell them stuff. They might even enjoy the experience enough that they become repeat visitors on your website or go out of their way to tell their friends about you.

3. Improving your email autoresponder:

Your autoresponder is an important tool for keeping readers engaged with your brand after they sign up for your list of email subscribers. If your autoresponder is too complicated, or too much of a sales pitch, it’ll drive readers away. So why not make sure to test the message you use in your autoresponder and make adjustments as needed?

If you’re using an email autoresponder that uses Aweber, consider checking out the new Aweber Autoresponder I created: Email Marketing Autoresponder , which lets readers click on links to clickable elements on your site within the body of your emails.

4. Encouraging email sharing:

Studies show that people are more likely to share information about something that interests them if it’s presented in an entertaining way. If you’re trying to get your message out there, encourage your readers to share it with their friends. The easiest way to do this is to make sure your email recipients can see which of their friends have already signed up for your email list.

For example, a reader that comes across an email that contains statistics about another user might be more likely to share it if the graphical elements show who they are and the link they clicked. Your subscribers might even share links only with the people they interact with most in real life (e.g., friends, families, colleagues).

5. Showing your email subscribers an image of your product/service:

A recent study by MarketingSherpa found that including an image of a product or service in your message can increase the CTR of your links. Most readers aren’t going to click on a link unless they can see what’s behind it, so make sure to include at least one relevant image in your email messages.

If you’re already using Aweber’s autoresponder templates, but want something with more graphics and images that people will actually click on, consider checking out the email templates I created: Email Marketing Templates . You can use these to make sure that you’re sending out compelling emails.

6. Encouraging your subscribers to reply:

A recent study by MarketingSherpa found that the majority of people who open an email are under age 35, so they’re more likely to respond to an “open” email. This includes those readers who have already heard about your message through word-of-mouth. If you make it incredibly easy for them to reply (e.g., make your autoresponder template look just like a normal email), they’ll be more likely to click on the link within your first email.

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