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How To Improve At EMAIL MARKETING In 60 Minutes

To get the most out of email marketing, you need to be committed and focused about 1200 words in pages. You can’t just send your emails out and not make any effort to ensure they are received. Every email needs a human touch, no matter how small it appears. In this post, I’ll show you how to maximize your efforts through an easy-to-use template for welcome emails for new subscribers on your list.

1. Find Your Target Person

First, we need to find our target person. I have found a tool on Blackhatworld here that is wonderful for this. It’s called “Find your target person”. It will generate a list of people who fit your criteria and emails out to them at the same time.

2. Set Up Your Template

Once you find the right people to send your welcome email to and have marked up the body of your email with their details, it’s time to create a basic email template. This can be done in any word processor’s template editor, which even most phones come with one built in for a reason! This is where I’ve left things so far:

3. Prepare The Email

Now that you have a basic email template, we need to prepare the email itself. Open your newly created template in a new word processor for this, and fill out all the details about yourself you want your new subscribers to know.

4. Send The Email

Now simply add the details of your target person into the email body and personalize it with their name (where appropriate). Obviously you don’t want to be sending it out to lots of people at once if you’re not going to be doing this regularly. You can always limit your list by adding in country, gender or other factors like these if you want.

5. Enjoy The Results

This hopefully should inspire you to make an effort with your emails. You can even use it as a template for any other kinds of emails that you may want to send out, like newsletters or promotional emails. You could also create a template for your welcome email and reuse it for future lists of people as well.

6. Making Your Email More Effective

Once you make an effort with your welcome email, you can also start to integrate special features into it. You can create a lead magnet such as a free ebook or whitepaper and insert it into the header of your email. Then when people click on the link, they should be taken to the page you want them to have access to.

7. Personalizing Your Emails

Another thing you can do is personalize the emails that you send out as well. This is nothing more than adding a subject line to the email, and filling out the details in it. Check out this article on how to personalize your emails here:

8. Adding A Lead Magnet To Your Email

If you want to add a lead magnet to your email, it’s best to use general subject headings like this:

9. Maximizing Your Results

One final thing you can do is create an email that is targeted at your current subscribers or those who have already subscribed. This means they will be getting the same email that you are currently sending out, but it will be tailored to them. They might be offered a free ebook or whitepaper as a gift, for example. If you prefer not to over-compensate them for their investment, there are ways around that as well…

10. Adding A Sender Object To Your Emails

If you have more than one email address on your list, you can use the senders object in Mailchimp to create a lead magnet for each of your lists. You should add in a sender object for each email you want to do this with; it’s not vital, but it does make things easier. If you choose to do this, simply add the same details in the subject line as though it was one person:

11. Personalizing Your Emails For Better Results

You can personalize your emails even more now and use the “Add Link” function on other emails that our subscribers read anyway. That way they will be taken to the page you want on your website, and you’ll have everything you need and more.

12. Getting More Out Of Your Emails

When personalizing your emails, there are some additional things that you can do as well. Check out this article on the subject here:

13. Using Custom From Addresses

If you have several lists of people, it’s probably best to use a custom address for each one, which is a lot easier than it sounds. First let your subscribers know about each list by creating a separate signup form for them. Then read this for further instructions:


In this post I have shown you how to create a basic email marketing template for your new subscribers. Personalizing your content and following up with an email like this can do wonders for your results. I hope you’ll consider it as a way to improve on your Email Marketing efforts in the future.

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