The Surprising Truth About Rekids Lexington Ky.

What is rekids lexington ky?

ReKids Lexington, KY is a family-owned and operated private daycare center celebrating our 27th year in business. We do not require a contract and the only thing we ask of our families is to be respectful of other parents dropping their children after school. Our goal is to provide your children with an educational, fun environment where they will be cared for as if they were one of our own at ReKids Lexington, KY. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our program with you and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing each of you at ReKids Lexington, KY.

How do we provide quality early education?

We provide multiple opportunities for children to learn in a way that is most comfortable and effective for them. This can include hands-on activities, individualized activities such as puzzles and games, group activities such as playing outside or center time. Our certified teachers and assistants are trained in child development to meet the individual needs of each child in the classroom. Our teachers also encourage children to take risks in learning by allowing them to try things they may not be able to do independently while still teaching them what they are capable of doing. Your child will learn how to take on challenges and overcome new obstacles in a safe, supportive and respectful environment.

How do we know children succeed?

Children who attend ReKids Lexington, KY become confident learners and confident individuals. We measure success not only based on academic growth but also social/emotional growth. Our teachers provide the opportunity for your child to learn all aspects of success such as self-advocacy, cooperation, acceptance and respect for adults/peers. We also help teach your children how to problem solve by encouraging them to try things they may not already be able to do with support from our teachers and staff before giving up. These children become leaders, who believe they can achieve their goals if they try and who will have the skills to follow through.

How do we care for your child?

We are a family centered program. We strive to develop strong relationships between teachers, children and families in order for children to feel safe and secure. We are committed to providing a high quality education with a nurturing environment. Children will be encouraged to respect others in all of their relationships as we model appropriate behavior that is consistent with our beliefs and values as a center. Our teachers also emphasize the importance of developing an anti-bully attitude and behavior in all forms by following our school wide code of conduct at ReKids Lexingtn, KY.

Are there age requirements?

We are licensed to care for children of all ages and we welcome all families that are interested in our program. Many parents come to us to help their child start a new school year or when they need a break from the public school system. ReKids Lexington, KY is a great option for working parents or for those who want an alternative to public schools. We recognize that some students may have more difficulty than others simply because of their age.

How can I register?

Registration begins in the Fall and will be on-going through May until we reach capacity. Please call (859)238-1586 or visit for current rates, insurance information and enrollment details.

Are there any discounts?

ReKids Lexington, KY offers multiple discounts for all new students. Please refer to our website for full information about all our coupons, discounts and specials at or call (859)238-1586 and ask to speak with JoAnn or Kathleen at ReKids Lexington, KY.

ReKids Lexington, KY is a daycare center licensed by the state of Kentucky Department of Education as a non-profit educational child care center and we are also a member of the National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies (NACCRRA).

What makes it different?

At ReKids Lexington, KY we feel that children learn in many different ways and at different stages of development. We have teachers on staff who are trained in multiple areas of child care and education. The activities we provide for your children will be based on what we feel is the best way for them to learn at that particular time. Our teachers are also sensitive to the interest level of your child, so if something is not being done correctly or to our expectations, it may be changed to meet the level of understanding and interest of your child.

How do I know my child is safe?

Your child will be supervised every minute he or she is with us at ReKids Lexington, KY by our certified teachers. We also have a highly trained staff of emergency response personnel who have been trained in all aspects of child abuse and neglect. Furthermore, we encourage parent involvement as a way to help with acceptance of your child’s environment at ReKids Lexington, KY. Parent participation includes serving on committees and working closely with the director to make sure that your child is happy and safe while learning at ReKids Lexington, KY. We want you to feel comfortable with leaving your children in our care each day.

Is there anything my child can’t do?

The only thing we ask of our families is to be respectful of other parents dropping their children after school. We do not allow other children to play in the classroom or on our grounds while your child is at ReKids Lexington, KY. We keep all areas of our facilities clean and safe, which means that we do not allow small children to run around on our playgrounds. We have special options for those who need more help with potty training or may be limited in mobility.

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