Tips to get rid of the mouse

Rats may be a threat to people living in a house.  Sadly, it is impossible to see them unless there is a huge overgrowth, and the running of the rats is increased in the house. A significant amount of damage can be caused by mice, such as food poisoned and disease-ridden. Mouse poop can cause different viral infections.

You know you would be panicked if you collapse at rats and mice in your house. Whenever you see them, that would be a problem, and but if you do not know where they might be hidden in your house, they are a bigger problem. Some types of rats and mice are known as pest control mice that can kill dangerous pests in your house. Rat and mice will make your life unpleasant. In addition, the possibility of infectious illnesses is also present in these animals. Do not you really want to be perfect, alright? So the only way to get rid of these pests is to do something soon. There are several ways to rid your household of these plagues, but you can also try some home remedies that are quick and reliable.

Use of cocoa powder and plaster of Paris:

Plaster of Paris and cocoa powder was also used to slaughter rats and mice. You can make an effective spray by mixing one tablespoon cacao powder with plaster of Paris and spray the mixture across the usual points where you often see the mice and rats. The powder of cocoa attracts these pests, which they consume and easily become dehydrated and stifling. They run out of your homes and die while they were just trying to save themselves.

Use potato powder to kill mouse:

You can also keep rats and mice away by using instant potato powder. You just have to brush the powder at the rats and mice’s passing paths where they walk along. When they follow these directions and feed on this tasty treat, then the potato powder will flock within their intestine and finally kill them when stuff hits their bodies.

Use peppermint oil to keep away the mouse:

Rats do not like the peppermint oil scent. We may not sense the scent of peppermint; that’s why we can use peppermint oil to keep them away from home. In front of several small openings in your home place, peppermint oil dipped cotton ball to keep mouse away. Put cloves in muslin cloths and drop them in the region of rat holes. The odour of cloves will probably be sufficient without much effort to get rid of them.

Use onion and garlic to keep mouse away:

The placement of several onions around little gaps and openings will keep the rats away from your home while checking that the bulbs are replaced every second day. They will soon be forced away by the foul-smelling scent of onions. You must use the mouse characteristic to keep it away because rats do not like strong smells. Blending chopped garlic and water or even scattering garlic cloves in the way of their daily track will lead them away.

Use bay leaves and ammonia spray:

The bay leaves scent attracts rats, and they prefer to consider it a snack for themselves. But they clog and die eventually while attempting to feed on it. Put a few bays around your house corners and kill the annoying pests and mice.

Prepare an ammonia spray that is easy to be using. Blow ammonia on thin strips of cotton and position it in the area of rat holes, driveways, and other corners. The scent of ammonia will make them feel suppressed, and soon they will run away to save their life.

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