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Top animes on myanimelist

Animes on Myanimelist is a very popular website for sorting and rating any anime you can think of. It’s also a great way to find new anime to watch.

When it comes to anime, there are few things that would excite me more than the prospect of Netflix begging me for my subscription. 

However, even if you can’t get your hands on any Japanese streaming services or feel like they’re too expensive for you to pick up, Myanimelist is still a great way to find new shows to watch. 

The answer is discussed here about why the hell are you here teacher myanimelist?

There are currently more than 4000+ anime for sorting and rating on this site in all genres. I personally love exploring the slice-of-life genre through titles like My Hero Academia and Monster Musume Season 2.

Here are some characters names discussed about the top anime on myanimelist-

1. Rinko Kawauchi 

The elven princess who’s known for her extraordinary strength and talent in gymnastics. She fell in love with the main character, Izuku Midoriya after he saved her from falling during the sports festival. 

She wields a pair of wedged-shaped twin sabers called “Knuckle Busters” which were passed down to her through her family’s long history of heroes. Her hobbies include making food and baking sweets. 

2. Mio Akiyama

The captain of the school’s judo team who is very energetic and optimistic. She believes that the world will be saved through her friends.

She also has a strong sense of justice which she believes even though there are heroes in the world, every single person is precious. 

3. Lyza 

A very cheerful vampire who lives in an abandoned house in the middle of a forest. She starves herself for her health due to her lack of blood, but she has an obsession with food and will go to great lengths to get it. 

She does however have a soft spot for cute things and will volunteer herself to put on cute clothes. 

4. Chocolate

A kind-hearted vampire who found herself in an odd situation after moving into the house that Lyza lived in. 

She often appears very nervous and is often scared of her feelings towards others, but she does care for her friends and tries hard to understand them. 

5. Shizuku 

A fairy of the wind who can control the temperature of her body. She is very hardworking and has a great passion for architecture and nature, which had led to her discovering her love for designing gardens. 

6. Hestia 

A young orphaned goddess who was granted free access to the Olympian Family’s storehouse of treasures after Hermes deemed she was incapable of interacting with humans at this stage in her life. 

She lives alongside Bell Cranel, an aspiring adventurer and is unsure whether or not she loves him romantically, but regardless still considers him a good friend. 

7. Sakura Chiyo

A first year high school student who tries to be as perfect as possible, but sometimes she can’t control herself even though she knows that perfection shouldn’t be about being perfect, but having fun. 

8. Aoba Suzukaze 

A new employee at Eagle Jump, who is often shy around her seniors. She wants to become a great artist like her sister and hopes to someday work alongside her idol, Kaito Daimonji. 

She has a cute side to herself that she doesn’t want anyone else to see and cries herself to sleep almost every day. 

9. Alto Saotome 

A pilot cadet that was born into the Saotome family who are renown throughout the galaxy for piloting skills. 

The group often come across as goofy and light-hearted, but they do take their work seriously and completing it is always their top priority. 

They are also very competitive with each other, especially when it comes to piloting. 

10. Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois 

A transfer student who came to Morals alongside her bodyguard Stolas, she is the second princess of the Ravenfallen Kingdom and holds a great power within her that could overshadow even the Gods. 

She is known for being very playful and will often do things on a whim. She is able to manipulate time with her powers, but also has the ability of changing memories. 

11. Yumeko Jabami 

The new leader of the Disciplinary Committee who uses her money to bribe students for their silence of the crimes she commits. 

She holds a deep hatred for Ensemble Stars, because she believes they are stealing her spotlight due to the love that everyone has for them. 

12. Jurai Andou 

A new transfer student at Morals alongside his boyfriend Kairi Sisigou who helps him out with dealing with bullies throughout their time there. 

Jurai is very shy and often feels down on himself, but despite that he has a very cheerful side to himself that no one but his boyfriend is able to see.