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Types Of Reusable Bags & Making Sure You Remember To Take Them

 Reusable bags are boon to those who believe in going green and implement eco-friendly practices. A very small percentage of plastic bags reach landfill sights for recycling besides which it also takes plenty of resources to make. The manufacturing process for plastic bags also causes a lot of pollution.


The average consumer can not only save money but also avoid polluting the environment by switching to reusable bags. There are many different types of reusable bags to select from; this article lists the different types of reusable shopping bags and several tips & tricks on how to remember to take it along when going shopping.

Types of Reusable Bags

  • Reusable Paper Bags: Paper bags are commonly used at many grocery stores as well as non-grocery stores across the world. There are many benefits of using such bags one of them being that it does not lead to pollution. Paper bags are fully biodegradable and thus do not cause a big litter when disposed of. The added advantage is that these bags are reusable, replicable and made from natural resources. Although they are vulnerable to tearing, it is highly convenient to carry small items and also an eco-friendly method of doing so.
  • Jute Bags: One of the most popular reusable bags is the jute bag which is made from the jute plant fibers. The jute plant is found in places with heavy rainfall and where the pesticide is not used in the cultivation.
  • Cotton Bags: This type of bag has a small footprint, besides which it is also a renewable resource that is produced with low water and CO2 footprint. It is easily decomposed and does not pose any threat to the environment.
  • Hemp Bags: Hemp bags are prepared from the help that is an eco-friendly crop that is grown using minimal resources (less amount of water). This plant does not require the use of pesticides either. The fact that it has long roots is a big advantage since it can help prevent erosion and maintain topsoil. Hemp bags manufactured are this way to use strong hemp fibers and can be blended with silk and cotton. Such bags are easy to maintain and are good for marketing purposes as well. They are long-lasting and durable hence a hemp bag with a company logo can be a very effective marketing method.

Tricks to Remember Taking Your Reusable Produce Bag

Many people have made the switch to reusable bags to go green, however, it is important to take your reusable bags along with you when you go shopping. It is quite understandable that one might forget, hence here are few tips and tricks on how to ensure you do not travel to a store without one:

  • Maintain a stock of multiple reusable bags and place them strategically, such that you do not forget to take them before leaving the house.
  • The best place to store your bags includes a cupboard kitchen, hook or basket near the front door, etc.
  • Try to cultivate a habit of always taking a bag before leaving the house; It is easier to remember to take it along once the habit is developed.
  • Include the mention of a bag when you make your shopping list.
  • Set a reminder on your mobile phone when it is time to go shopping that includes a reminder for the bag.
  • Return the bag to the allocated storage space once done with it.
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