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What Makes a Great University?

When applying to universities, you will likely consider what makes a great one. You don’t want to go to a university that provides little reward for attending, after all, especially when you’re paying high tuition fees. 

To gain an understanding of what makes an excellent university, and to help you make the right decisions with applications, read on. 

A Tight-knit Community 

It might not cross your mind before attending, but the benefits of having a tight-knit university community are plenty. By getting involved in a university community, you will have lots of support throughout your degree, which makes a huge difference. If you want to attend a smaller university that prides itself on community, consider looking at

Excellent Professors 

An educational institution is only as good as its employers. In particular, the professors. When you attend, you want to be inspired and attain a lot of knowledge, and that only comes from having excellent professors. Before applying to a university, look into who teaches there and, if you can, visit the campus and speak with the staff. You can also look at previous student reviews to gain an insight into the quality of teaching. 

A Keen Focus on Mental Health 

Unfortunately, many students suffer from poor mental health management, and many have a diagnosed mental illness. To truly thrive at university, students need access to good mental health facilities. It can truly make a world of difference to their studies. 

Work Experience Opportunities 

A university isn’t just about educating you. While that’s its main focus, it’s also about preparing you for professional life, and a big part of that is work experience. The best universities have plenty of work experience opportunities for their students, whether that includes internships or field placements. That is particularly important for more hands-on degrees such as nursing or engineering. 

What They Specialize In 

Some universities are great for one person but not so good for another—it all depends on what they specialize in. When browsing various educational institutions, consider their specialist subjects and whether they align with yours. 

Ongoing Support

Once you start a university program, you want to be supported. It shouldn’t end when you leave, either—as part of the university’s alumni, you want to still be a part of their community, even from afar. Ongoing support is crucial, as it will help you thrive in both your studies and your professional life after graduation. 

There is a mixture of factors that go into making an excellent university. Figure out what is most important to you to ensure you apply to the right universities for your academic development.

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