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What should be in a pre-event meal?

The pre-event meal can be a key part of your event preparation, so the food you serve the night before must be suitable. 

There are some guidelines you need to follow when preparing a pre-event meal. 

Here’s what should go into such a meal:

Salads and vegetables: 

Vegetables provide important nutrients and fiber that help keep digestion running smoothly, preventing issues like constipation. 


Choose whole grain cereals that offer more nutritional benefits than traditional white versions. They’re also lower in sugar than other carbohydrate sources and they’ll last longer in storage. 

Adding fruits or nuts is great for those with allergies as well as those looking for additional nutrition benefits from these foods.

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There’s even an entire section devoted to work engagement services like online feedback and skill assessments! Each meal comes with two different learning activities using quizlet quizzes. You can use them as a before or after school addition to your curriculum, or even a substitute.

This is one of the best websites to help you boost student comprehension. It’s high-quality, interactive, and fairly cheap. Not only that, but it’s very helpful for teachers who are just starting out or want to improve their classroom management!

Here are points about what should be in a pre-event meal-

1. The “Cereal” section should be filled with what students like.

There are too many kinds (tea, hot chocolate, rice pudding) to choose from. If students like one over another, make it the same every time you serve it. 

It’s very important to have delicious food that students will want to eat, especially after a long day of sports or if they are picked last for teams.

2. The “Salads and vegetables” section is an important part of a pre-event meal. 

Even if my friends say they like vegetables, I usually need to be forced to eat them. 

It’s important to fill up on fiber and nutrients, and it makes you feel full, so you don’t overeat later.

3. Make the meal healthy.

Some may say “no” to vegetables, but make sure there are at least two servings in the meal. 

There’s always broccoli, which can be used in an omelet or soup or even dipped in ranch dressing.

4. Make sure there are some carbohydrates.

There are two reasons for this- first, you will need to fuel your students during their athletic activities. 

  • They would not want to go without eating anything on their way to school or before practice. 
  • Second, if they do not eat anything within a certain time period (typically three hours), they will become hungry and may overeat. 

There is no reason for them to be feeling hungry after the activity! 

They may also want a snack after playing, so it is important that they have something to keep them satisfied and full up until dinner time that night.

5. Make sure there is good food for the athletes.

A lot of schools use chicken nuggets and chicken patties. They also like macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and various other things. 

Look at what kind of foods they like, and make it happen! 

These are some easy ways to improve the quality of the meal:

  • Add more vegetables (there’s a lot you can do with broccoli)
  • Use fruit for dessert (bananas are great as a post-workout snack!) 
  • Use whole grain bread instead of butter on bread. Whole grains have more vitamins, minerals, protein, etc., then white bread does. 
  • Include a source of both fiber and protein in the meal. This will help with digestion and prevent hunger after you’ve eaten. 
  • Add other carbohydrate sources like sweet potatoes, brown rice and whole wheat pasta.

6. Make sure your students have fun.

I would suggest some sort of activity to entertain your students. 

You don’t have to spend a lot on this, either. You can just go to the dollar store and pick up something for each table. 

Other ideas include-

  • Pictionary or Bingo, preferably on paper for easy storage until you’re ready to use them
  • Have them put their names on their plates, so they know which ones are theirs (easy for everyone)
  • Have all the tables sit together and play “rock, paper, scissors” (easy too) . It’s more fun when they’re all together!

If you are not normally a fan of “pre-event meal” activities, you may also want to consider turning it into an educational opportunity for your students. 

Students can find out how much time passes before their event happens. For example, if they are supposed to sing at 7:00, but rehearsal is at 5:30, then their event will be delayed! 

This could also just be used for general information about the day’s events.

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