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Five Mind Numbing Facts About Deanna Hetfield

Deanna Hetfield, the author of the blog I’ve Been Blind Since Birth, is an incredible person who inspires with her determination and courage. She has received over 1.6 million views on her blog since she started it in 2008, and these views have increased since she published a book in 2014 called “I Am Me” which tells her story as a blind person. The book has been released in 10 different languages and she has become an incredible speaker and motivational speaker. Her life’s purpose is to publicly share her journey from being blind since birth, to becoming a successful and self-confident adult. She also wants to find a cure for blindness.

Deanna Hetfield was born in 1972 in the Bay Area, California and never once saw a Braille book, or knew what it looked like. She spent most of her childhood living with family friends, and she had to help take care of her aunt as they both suffered from a rare neurological disease called myoclonus. Her brother was born blind, so it made her feel special to have another person who was blind to look out for. Deanna had several different operations when she was younger and said that each one gave her a bit more independence than the last one.

Five Mind Numbing Facts About Deanna Hetfield :

1. Deanna Hetfield doesn’t know what color her eyes are.

Many people have asked Deanna if she knows what color her eyes are, and she simply answered them with a question too: “How would I know? I’ve never seen my own eyes!” Deanna has explained that she is blind from birth, and she was born without optic nerves that carry the visual image to the brain. As a result, she is also unable to see her own eye color. The only thing she knows about her eyes themselves is that they are clear, which means they don’t have any problems with dryness or irritation.

2. Deanna Hetfield has never driven a car.

Deanna was told that she would never be able to drive a car, and now 41 years old, she still hasn’t been behind the wheel of a car. In her blog she explains how frustrated she is about this since it limits her freedom and keeps her from driving with friends in the Bay Area. She says that there are always things she finds annoying about being blind, but she tries to feel positive every day and instead of sitting around feeling grumpy about not being able to drive, she focuses on other things instead.

3. Deanna Hetfield isn’t even sure where she went to college.

Deanna says that she doesn’t know where she went to college because she was never there. She explains that she had a baby before her fourth birthday, and her family moved all over the world as a result of being hired to take care of other blind people. She can only remember two locations: the Bay Area and Hawaii, but besides that she has very little information about where else she lived since birth. But one place in particular is important to Deanna — Stanford University. She says that it’s the only place where she ever felt like she fit in.

4. Deanna Hetfield has never been to Europe.

She has never been to Europe because the flight there only lasts a few hours, and a flight home would take way too long. Deanna said that if she ever visited Europe, she would love to go to Greece, and especially Greece because of Hercules and the 12 laborers he performed there — it is an amazing story! Of course Odysseus is also a Greek hero, and Deanna loves Greek literature as well. There are so many amazing stories out there that inspire her!

5. She is blind from birth.

Deanna’s parents had a child who was born without vision and it was devastating for them to accept. They eventually came to terms with it, but they never told anyone about their daughter’s condition until she was already born. Deanna finds it incredibly saddening that her parents didn’t tell her the truth about living with a disease from birth, and she is thankful to them for being open with her on that subject. She also knows how difficult it must have been for them to have a daughter who is blind from birth — at least now she understands why they never told her about it.

Conclusion :

Deanna’s life is incredibly inspirational and she is an incredible role model for everyone in the world. She knows how to face difficulties and embrace every new opportunity that comes her way, and as long as she faces things in a positive way, she will always be happy. She has never let her blindness hold her back, instead she has chosen to move forward and make the most out of her life. She is so glad that she has written a book about herself because now it provides a window into what life feels like as a blind person.

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