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How Will Cannabis SEO Be In The Future.

Cannabis SEO is still very new in the world of content marketing. However, as we move into 2020, cannabis SEO will be vastly different than it has been up until now.

The legalization of cannabis continues to spread and the stigma surrounding it is finally starting to wear off, both throughout North America and Europe. You can see this change in public opinion with the large number of celebrities and athletes who are slowly opening up about their own marijuana use, even when it goes against their own personal ideologies. The majority of these people have their careers firmly rooted in sports or entertainment; any sort of negative association with marijuana would be a huge blow for them on all fronts.

How Will Cannabis SEO Be In The Future :

1. The Power of Videos

In the future, content marketing will be far more visual than it is now. Many companies will be producing more videos than they do now online, as technology advances to make video creation a simpler process in the years to come.

Many people are already creating very high-quality videos for their own use, but they aren’t putting them up on YouTube or other sites to share with the world. These individuals have discovered that using video as content on your website can dramatically increase your page views and bring in new customers, which is why so many cannabis companies are beginning to take this route.

2. Blogs Get More Popular

Blogging is another great way for cannabis companies to connect with their customers and potential customers in the future, as the culture around marijuana is changing significantly and people are becoming more comfortable discussing such topics. A blog would be a good way for a company to bring on new customers and stay up-to-date with the trends that are starting to sweep through the marijuana community.

Companies like Sensi Seeds will likely be doing this in the future, as they have already begun adding new blogs on a regular basis, especially recently. They’ve even added other forms of content marketing, such as videos and social media posts. These are all great ways to engage with their audience, which is very much appreciative of the extra effort since so few other companies are doing this.

3. SEO Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization has become a huge part of modern cannabis SEO. Since it’s the most prevalent method for people to find things online today, social media optimization is one of the most important factors to focus on in your marketing and advertising plans.

 You can’t survive in this industry without focusing on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other sites that allow you to reach your audience through a combination of advertising, content creation, and engagement with your followers.

4. Live Hashtag Events

People are watching more and more live events on Instagram and Facebook, which is one of the reasons why so many celebrities have begun streaming their daily life on such sites. There is a growing desire among people to watch things that they can interact with while they are watching, like NFL games or even live concerts. 

Cannabis companies can use this trend to their advantage and hold events where people can watch them online simultaneously as they’re happening. This is an excellent way for cannabis companies to build social media hype for a big event.

5. Cannabis Stocks

With the legalization of cannabis still in its infancy, you can’t expect to start generating a lot of money off of stocks. However, there will be plenty of companies and brands that do well as the cannabis industry continues to learn and grow. 

The ones that are able to adapt at this point will be the ones who have been able to get ahead of their competition. You can’t really predict how things will develop for now, which makes it difficult for you to plan what products and services you need to release in the future.

However, you should definitely consider creating your own cannabis stock if this idea interests you, as it could be a great way for you to generate passive income from selling common stock.

6. Companies Switch to CBD Oil

Although THC is still the most popular cannabinoid for now, this will likely change as we move into the future. Many people are starting to realize that cannabis has so many more benefits than just its psychoactive effects, which is why a lot of companies will probably start looking into CBD oil and other non-psychoactive products in the future. 

This could be an excellent way for them to make money and get ahead of their competition while they wait for the other states to catch up with the legalization of marijuana.

7. Social Media Marketing Gets More Popular

Social media marketing has been around for a long time now, but it’s still one of the most important practices you can follow in a digital marketing campaign. This is especially so when you want to promote or advertise your services or products online. 

There are so many different ways that people will be using social media in the future, and it’s very important for cannabis businesses to make sure that they’re moving into this space as quickly as possible.

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