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Synonyms for top-notch

“Top-notch synonym” is a term that means great, excellent, or world class. It is often used to describe something that has the highest quality possible.

Of course, top-notch means different things to different people. For example, you might use it to describe a hamburger made from grass-fed beef instead of corn fed beef because it’s better for the environment. 

The word might mean an individual athlete who has won countless awards and championships in their career, or an album by Katy Perry which everybody loved and rated perfect 5 stars on Amazon. 

It might be used to describe something that is not necessarily the greatest or the best, but that is still good enough to earn a grade of “A” or above.

Top-notch synonym comes from the word notch. This derives from “nock”, which refers to firing an arrow or other projectile, and can mean making a notch in something so you can line up two things. 

The top part of the English word comes from Old English “neothan”, which means superior, higher than something else.

Here are some points discussed about top notch synonym

1. Excellent

Excellence is a much more general word than top-notch. It is not a superlative, but a positive description. 

Your favorite dessert is excellent because it’s delicious, not because it’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten. 

When you describe an employee as excellent, it means they are doing what you want them to do well, maybe even better than you expected.

I’m interested in learning about excellence because I want to be an excellent writer.

She has been recognized as one of the university’s most accomplished graduates.

2. Great

Great often means outstanding, good, wonderful, or excellent. But because it can also be used to describe something as large as a city or as small as a baby chick, it is not always the best term to use.

The Great Wall of China is one of the largest structures on earth. 

When you praise someone for his/her great work, you are giving him/her the highest possible compliment and therefore praising his/her exceptional performance and superior skills.

3. Outstanding

Outstanding means more than great. When you describe something as outstanding, you are not just describing it as good, but as excellent or even superior. It may be the best or most important of its type.

We were seated in the concert’s outstanding seats. It was outstanding! The class is loaded with students who are really outstanding musicians. It was an outstanding game and everyone enjoyed watching it.

4. World Class (Extremely Excellent)

World class (or world class) means belonging to the highest standard, quality or level of performance in a particular field of human endeavor; belonging to the highest rank; first rate; also means on a global scale.

When they tell you that your work is world class, what they really mean is that it’s so good it could compete with the best in an international arena.

For example, I’m very proud of my cousin Camila. She’s world class in her field of expertise! 

5. Prime (Of First Rank)

It means the best of its kind; of highest quality or greatest excellence. Prime steak has nothing to do with age, but it does have everything to do with weight and choice grade. 

A prime rib roast is cut from the rib section between the 12th and 13th ribs and it’s often called prime rib. Prime also means excellent; outstanding; brilliant; first-rate.

The prime rib I ordered was outstanding. It came from a prized animal that was selected from the top one-third of the herd.

6. First rate

In terms of quality, first rate means the best available; great; excellent. It is often used to describe something as impressive and/or bright as a first class party or event and also as first rate students who are outstanding examples of their generation.

The first-rate hotels we visited were very fancy and expensive places to stay at.

7. Crowning

Crowning means the highest or the best in terms of quality or sales. Sometimes it also means the most successful achievement or conclusion of a series or event.

Your crowning achievement was winning the company’s sales contest for seven years in a row! Since your iPhone 6 came out last year, you have been crowned king of all smart phones! 

The 2016 Olympics will be the crowning moment for Michael Phelps. He has already won 23 gold medals in his career, but he has never won an Olympics. 

Now he plans to swim until he is 80 years old!  I’m sure this will be his crowning achievement before he retires from swimming and moves on with his life after swimming.

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