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The Lifestyle of the Migos

Does their lifestyle make sense? Is it healthy? Is it even feasible for the average person to imitate the lifestyles of icons like Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff?

What are they actually like as people – do they even exist in real life outside of their music videos and interviews?

We’ll answer all that and more. This article will take an in-depth look at the Migos’ lifestyle, exploring its triumphs and pitfalls. It’s one thing to say you want fame but what comes after you get it? 

What does this intense lifestyle do to your brain, your relationships, your health. How does the Migos lifestyle influence the way people in their hometown of Atlanta live and think?

Here some points are discussed about migos lifestyle

1. The Migos are all about the big gains

The Migos have an extreme work ethic. They don’t do things half-assed, they all hustle harder than anyone else, and they don’t let anything stop them.

They understand the importance of hard work, and they are willing to sacrifice everything to take massive leaps forward in their careers.

In real life, this means that the Migos are very ambitious in the sense that they want to go to places no other rappers have gone before and surpass their idols. In terms of money, this means that the Migos aren’t going to live like normal people – or if they do, it’s only for a short period of time.

2. The Migos are willing to put in the work

Despite their laid-back and easy going nature, the Migos are hard workers and will put in hours of hard work to achieve their goals.

It’s not like they have some kind of magic formula that allows them to enter a flow state, then spew out hits on demand. They are willing to do whatever it takes – even if that means working extra hours at a job they don’t like just so they can make even more money.

3. Their music is an extension of who they are as people

You can tell this from the lyrics themselves. The Migos never glamorize their drug dealing, and instead, talk about the struggles and dangers associated with the lifestyle.

You’ll never hear them bragging about how many ounces of cocaine they sold or how much money they flossed with this is not their reality.

‘Trap Life’ is simply a reflection of the everyday life they grew up in and lived. All three of them have been arrested multiple times on drug possession charges (particularly Offset), and Takeoff has been shot at as recently as last year.

This lifestyle is not glorified in any way, it’s simply a fact, and it’s up to each individual to decide whether they want to follow the path that brought success to the Migos.

4. The Migos are inspired by their surroundings

The Migos’ music is influenced by the Atlanta rap scene, but it also borrows from artists of other genres. This can be seen in ‘Fight Night,’ where an entire verse is dedicated to a monologue about Nike Air Force 1s and how much the Migos love them.

Similarly, ‘Bando’ draws inspiration from crunk and trap rap. And, of course, ‘Versace’ is regarded as one of the greatest pop songs ever to grace the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The Migos don’t limit themselves to certain sounds; they are willing to steal and remix what other people have already done in order to make better tracks.

5. The Migos are willing to accept fans

The Migos have a lot of haters, but this doesn’t stop them from inviting people specifically into their circle and showing love. There is no doubt that fan interaction has resulted in more hits than ever, and it certainly boosted their popularity much quicker than they would have been able to on their own. 

Of course, the Migos aren’t going to be too lavish with their money – and they don’t care about losing much of it after all their fame – so interacting with fans should be a positive thing for them and show that they are humble enough to realize when they’ve done something wrong.

6. They don’t get hung up on their haters

The Migos are actually quite confident and self-assured, and they don’t let a bad review or two get them down. They know what they are capable of, and they won’t try to prove themselves to anyone – because they already know that no one can stop them.

‘Versace’ is about how the Migos will rise above their haters (who are basically the same people anyway), and it’s proof that the Migos have never given up hope in their dreams.

‘Handsome & Wealthy,’ with its uplifting message (despite the ironic title) is another good example of this.

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