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Things to Remember While Buying a Chameleon as Pet

Want to have an exclusive pet at your house? Have you ever thought of chameleons? Whether it is a panther chameleon or Jackson’s chameleon, you have to know certain things about them. Chameleons can be an amazing pet to you, but if you are a beginner, you have to be very careful about their aggressive nature, especially of the panther chameleons. Any mishandling of them can cause harm to you as they also get worried and stressed like any other pets. So, today, you will get some interesting information about buying the right chameleon as a pet.

Kind of Chameleon You Can Buy

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If you are buying for the first time or you are a pro, you can always go for the captive-bred. The captive bred chameleons are indeed duller in color than the wild-caught, but having them as pets can create several issues. The captive-bred are used to be handled by humans and they have the habit of living inside the cage, but the wild-caught are not like them. That’s why they may face existence issues while living in a cage and may not sustain as the captive-bred. Also, the wild-caught are extremely stressed and may not stay well if the climate changes; so they can be more aggressive and can get sick quickly as they have heavy parasite load. So, if you have decided to buy chameleon as your pet, going for captive-bred is the more feasible option.

Types of Species You Can Buy

There are several species of chameleons that you can buy as a pet, but here are the most popular ones that you can find in any pet shop. Have a look-

Veiled Chameleons

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These are the species of chameleons that are found in the deserts and mountains of Saudi Arabia and Yemen. These are the hardest species of chameleons that can survive in almost any kind of climate with high temperatures and low humidity. Besides this, they are the most long-lived species of chameleons and with 2 feet of length; they are one of the largest species too. Veiled chameleons look wonderful and they are also the cheapest version of chameleons.

Jackson’s Chameleon

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These species of chameleons are found in the forests of Kenya in East Africa. They are not quite big and also not very adaptable in any changing situation. The chameleon-lovers also stay away from these as they don’t have that much vibrant colors that other species have. But, the plus point of buying this species is that they are quite approachable and less aggressive than any other types of chameleons. This is the reason why lots of chameleon-lovers prefer to have them as pets.

Panther Chameleon

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Finally, this is the species that will win your heart once you see it. It is the size, appearance, and vibrant colors that will compel you to have one as your pet. Originated from Madagascar, panther chameleons are not that much hard and adaptable like the veiled chameleons. But, it is the outstanding color that impresses you and the visitors if you have one as a pet.

While buying a chameleon, you should know about these species. According to the vets, you can buy a pet if you are confident to provide the proper environment to rear it.

Should You Buy Baby Chameleon?

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Buying hatchling chameleons is a good option as they are less aggressive than adults and also territorial. If you buy a baby chameleon, it will know its owner since the hatchling stage and can be friendlier to him, even as an adult. Also, if you buy baby chameleons, you can put two of them in the same cage and train them not to get too aggressive to each other, especially if they are female chameleons.

So, here you get thorough information on having chameleons as pets. You can have panther chameleon or veiled chameleon, but follow the guidelines to take the best care of them.

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