Top 5 Investment Banks to Work for in 2020

Investment banking career is popular among graduates, especially finance and business majors. And why not! 

You learn a lot very quickly. 

Earnings are among the highest paid to any graduates.

The skills you learn in the investment banking industry are valuable and highly transferable to other fields.  

You will develop a strong network of professionals. 

These and many other reasons make investment banking a demanding but satisfying career.

It is said that every choice you make in your career molds your intellectual, financial and future prospects. In the chain of decisions, the most important one is the place you opt to work at. 

The view is best from the top. Here are top 5 investment banks that stands out as per the listings of Vault.com. Starting from the last to top, check out which speaks to your personality the most.

Top 5 Investment Banks in 2020

No. #5 Guggenheim Securities 

It’s called a firm on the rise. 

Among 13 workplace categories, Guggenheim Securities ranks number 1 in ‘benefits’ and also ranks in top 10 for business outlook, culture, compensation, relationships with managers, etc. 

Banking professionals at the firm call it “best in media and entertainment”. Some of the best aspects of working at Guggenheim according to insiders is: 

  • Great people and culture
  • Great Competition
  • Strong deal flow 
  • A lot of deal experience and responsibility

No. #4 Morgan Stanley

The bank ranks on number four and is dubbed to be great in both banking and prestige. Talking about the experience of working at Morgan Stanley, the insiders say it gives good exposure to senior bankers and a lot of responsibility. 

The workplace features wherein the bank stands out include:

  • Great people and culture
  • Personal and career growth
  • Work with intelligent people driven for excellence
  • Exposure to senior management and many responsibilities
  • Constant challenges
  • Highly developed M&A
  • Excellent ecommerce and internet industry coverage

“Knowledge of internet industry is staple to enter the bank. It seems to be the hungriest among all when it comes to internet sector,” says one of the bankers at the firm.

No. #3 Goldman

Goldman Sachs is still the gold standard in investment banking industry. It remains first in prestige. Across the globe, working at Goldman Sachs is seen with a lot of value and reputation attached to it. The best aspects of working at Goldman according to insiders are: 

  • Global environment
  • Highly reputed
  • Well Managed
  • Excellent M&A and Restructuring practices
  • Opportunity to work with the best self-driven and intelligent people in business
  • Ambitious colleagues
  • Amazing culture
  • Good Pay

No. #2 Evercore

Evercore ranks on second ahead of Goldman Sachs. The prime aspect of the bank that’s appreciated by its banking professionals is diversity for women. It ranks among top three firms in diversity category. Other aspects that’s appreciated include business outlook, leadership, training, promotion and overall job satisfaction. 

As per the peers, Evercore is best because of: 

  • Top of the street compensation
  • Bright talent
  • Industry leader
  • Excellent culture 
  • Supportive and smart colleagues
  • Unlimited exit opportunities
  • Opportunities to build professional network in the industries bank serve

No. #1 Centerview

The bank tops in quality of life ranking, along with ability to challenge, business outlook, culture, compensation, leadership, training, hiring, promotion, manager relationship, work life balance and much more. 

Within investment banking industry, Centerview proactively offers opportunities for advancement and development. 

New-York based Centerview is famous for: 

  • Sharpest colleagues and best pay
  • Opportunities to work on largest, interesting and complex deals
  • Collegial people
  • Pay, sometimes better than buy-side

Build the acumen and personality to reach the best investment banks in the world by getting certified. Prove your mettle for the best, biggest and brightest. 

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