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Who was responsible for bringing Jimi Hendrix to london?

The question of who was responsible for bringing Jimi Hendrix to London is a subject that continues to intrigue musicians and the general public alike. 

Who brought this visionary musician from Detroit, Michigan to London, England? This question has been debated for decades and may never be fully answered.

The answer is discussed here about which musician was responsible for bringing jimi hendrix to london?

This article will give an overview of these theories and their roots with a little more depth than most articles tackling this topic. 

The article gives the reader a basic understanding of how Hendrix came upon London and some pertinent information about his career before his death in 1970. Keep reading if you want to learn more about the legendary musician who is still making waves today.

Here are some points discussed about who was responsible for bringing jimi hendrix to london-

1. The Making of a Star

In the early 60’s Jimi Hendrix was a rising star who was known as a member of the mighty “Jimi Hendrix Experience” and as guitarist for the american band the west coast . 

Although his own band the east coast always only lasted two years, he had been able to make a good name for himself. 

In 1964, London’s music label Abbey Road records wanted to sign him away from the west coast band and turn him into one of their own. Only they could make that happen. So they moved quickly, signing him on 9th july 1965.

2. The Bigger Picture

Jimi had always wanted to be in London, but his roots were in the south, his parents’ home town of Atlanta, Georgia. He was born on 27th december 1942 in the city of Seattle. 

A year after its release, however, jimi hendrix’s “blues experience” was recorded and released at abbey road studios in london , england. 

The album was called “the voice of jimi hendrix”. The album also featured the young guitar great Eric Clapton on lead guitar and one of Jimi’s own mentors in school, long friend Buddy kid Walden on drums.

3. The Influence of Buddy Kid walden

Buddy kid walden was an important influence to jimi Hendrix in his early career. They were friends in high school and he convinced him that he could be a concert guitarist. He also helped him get into the army band in fort benning, georgia. 

They were soldiers since october 1961 for several months before being transferred to fort hood, Texas. This is where they performed together in the army band “the commandos”. 

For fun they played with several blues musicians who would visit, including the famous T- bone Walker. It is here that jimi’s fascination with playing the guitar began and where Waldon started teaching Hendrix how to play it properly.

4. The Army

In 1961, the two signed up for the army and were assigned to fort benning, georgia. In 1962 they were assigned to fort hood in texas. 

In august 1962 they moved again to fort campbell where they stayed until mid may 1963. At this time Jimi was promoted from private first class to specialist 3rd class. 

They also got a new commanding officer at this time- captain William howard. It was here that Hendrix started a relationship with a fellow officer named Jane Cornish, who has been referred to as his first girlfriend due to their long-term relationship during those years.

5. The life changing Band

The west coast band was formed in early 1964. The band included the other guys mentioned previously, jimi hendrix, Eric clapton , timmy chesire and Buddy walden. 

This is when they performed at the famous “days of july” festival in washington D.C., which was a major event for rock musicians who were trying to make it big in the 1960’s. Many people were there also including bob dylan , john lennon, louis armstrong etc.

6. The Beginning of Becoming a Star

When Jimi found out that the west coast band was replaced by the east coast band, he knew there was no way they would offer him much better contracts. 

He played his last show with the west coast band on july 3rd 1965. This date became known as “the day jimi leaves for london”. 

Days before this, he had begun his first tour with the east coast band which started on august 9th 1965. It was at this time that he decided to change his name to jimi hendrix.

7. The End of the West coast band

On September 17, 1965, the west coast band was replaced by the east coast band and jimi Hendrix played his last show with the west coast band on july 3rd 1965. This date became known as “the day jimi leaves for london”. 

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