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Did Ichigo have some super power?

Many people from the anime series Bleach believe that Ichigo has some super power. In this blog post Ichigo’s powers are explained as well as why people believe he has a power. 

In particular, it is explained how he never gets hurt and can deflect attacks with his body at will.

It is also mentioned how the Kuchiki clan has control over these powers and they were passed down to him through Aizen so they would not be lost. 

Finally, his ability to dodge certain projectiles is discussed with an example of him avoiding raindrops which begs the question “Does he have super speed?”.

Did you know ichigo can see zanpakuto spirits fanfiction

People think this because there are occasions in which it appears that this just happened without any explanation.

Here are some points discussed about Ichigo has some super power-

1. Ichigo has this power because of Kuchiki blood.

The Kuchiki clan have a secret ability to control electricity and they have done so since ancient times. 

As a result, Ichigo has Kuchiki blood in him and as a result, he gets these powers. His ability to deflect attacks with his body is a result from being trained from his childhood by Isshin Kurosaki.

As shown in the anime series, Ichigo was trained from his childhood by Isshin who was very skilled in swordsmanship.

2. Some people believe that he has the ability to re-trick his opponents.

Ichigo can re-trick his opponents with his moves so he makes them do what he wants them to do. It is shown in episodes during which this is explained.

For example, when Ichigo stops the raindrops, there is a scene in which Rukia puts a hand out and can stop it as well with no trouble. 

3. He never gets hurt or injured himself with his powers. 

The fact that Ichigo never shows any signs of pain or injury when fighting shows that he does not have any super power but rather has some secret skill that allows him to not get hurt by certain attacks.

People believe that he has the ability to manipulate his body to avoid attacks of any kind. This is why many of his moves are fast and powerful.

4. Many people believe that he can manipulate his enemies emotions.

When Ichigo has to defeat someone he uses the Rely on the enemy’s hatred for him which makes them fight against him with more aggression and anger. 

Ichigo is very skilled in this technique and it is shown in numerous episodes of the series where this battle tactic is used by Ichigo to defeat his opponents. 

5. He does not seem to use any weapons.

Ichigo uses only his body as a weapon which shows that he does not have any super powers but rather skillful moves that allow him to defeat his enemies without using weapons like regular attacks or blades (or even alcohol).

Ichigo is shown to have great skill in martial arts and is able to defeat his opponents without using any weapons.

His fast movements are what give him the power to defeat multiple enemies at once. For example, he defeats Grimmjow by using his hand as a weapon which creates a shockwave that is powerful enough to knock him out.

6. He seems to be unaffected by the rain. 

This shows that Ichigo has some super power because of how it appears that he is not affected by the rain which means he is able to stop it at will or is able to dodge it with ease.

It appears that way because of the scene in which Rukia puts her hand out and stops it as well.

7. He is shown to be able to avoid certain projectiles also.

When he is fighting Grimmjow, Grimmjow throws spears and Ichigo appears not to be hurt by them and avoids them with ease. 

The scenes of him dodging raindrops show that he can dodge most projectiles and this shows that he is most certainly a super human with some kind of special skill which allows him to not get hurt when hit by attacks like regular people.

8. He seems to have some kind of invulnerability.

In the series, Ichigo is able to deflect any attack from an A class Espada as shown in episode 292 as he deflects a fireball from Grimmjow with ease.

In this episode, Grimmjow uses A class Espada power, a stronger version of his power which has been enhanced by using Senbonzakura on himself which allows him to fire a fireball at a normal person with no difficulty whatsoever. 

Ichigo can deflect this attack on his body with ease because he is able to absorb the energy of these attacks and it does no damage whatsoever to him.

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