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The Most Influential People in the Top Minds On Reddit. Industry

Top minds in Reddit are passionate about many different topics in today’s world. 

They’re not typical celebrities, but they are the most knowledgeable people in their fields of interest. 

Here are some of the best top minds of reddit who carry a wealth of knowledge through their posts, allowing people to learn more about topics they would have never known.

1. TheTopMinds

The TopMinds Reddit account has over 1,700,000 subscribers and 5,600 contributors. It’s a combination of users submitting their own favorite posts along with a few submissions from other users. 

The TopMinds account uploads a new post every 2-3 days, and the posts usually range from different facets of science to business and finance topics.

2. Steve Jobs

The Quora website is a great place to read about Steve Jobs’ influence on technology and life in general through concise articles that are well-written and easy to understand. 

Many people have contributed to the site in order to share their opinions about Jobs’ impact on them personally or historically.

3. The Invention of Wikipedia

One of the most popular articles on Quora is The Invention of Wikipedia. In it, users from around the world share their opinions on the topic and how it’s changed society as a whole.

4. Artificial Intelligence / Computers / Robots

Similar to the above article, another popular post on Quora is Artificial Intelligence – a collection of questions and responses from people who have different opinions about AI development.

5. The Future

Perhaps one of the most eye-opening posts to come out of Quora is The Future. 

It’s a collection of past predictions on what life will be like in 2040 and it’s so imaginative, it’ll make you question if humanity will even be around at that point.

6. Hillary Clinton

One of the most famous figures to become President would have to be Hillary Clinton, who was the First Lady before becoming Senator for New York and then Secretary of State under Obama. Clinton’s story is one that is well-documented through articles posted on the website.

7. Vladimir Lenin

Lenin was a prominent Russian revolutionary and radical communist who led the Bolshevik party during 1917. 

Lenin has been studied extensively by people around the world, particularly in his home country of Russia where he is still taught in schools today. 

Quora has a section devoted to him, which allows users to ask questions about Lenin and his status as a public figure.

8. Life Cycle of a Frog or Toad or Newt or Salamander.

Perhaps the most amusing Quora article on this list is the Life Cycle of a Frog or Toad or Newt or Salamander or Lizard or Snake or Turtle. 

If you’ve always wanted to know about the life cycle of different amphibians, then this collection of questions and answers from people from all over is very interesting.

9. Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella was the CEO at Microsoft until February 4, 2017, when he announced that he would be stepping down from his position as Microsoft’s leader. 

He had been CEO since 2014 and under his direction, the company became more progressive and innovative in terms of their products and partnerships with other businesses.

10. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is one of the most famous celebrities in the world and she’s known for her catchy songs and her ability to raise awareness about social topics with just her music. 

Her story is well-documented on Quora and it’s a collection of questions and answers that will leave you wanting more.

11. Elon Musk: CEO at SpaceX and Tesla Motors

Musk is one of many people in the world who has created a very innovative company under his leadership. 

He is sometimes referred to as ‘the modern day Thomas Edison’ because of the way he creates such groundbreaking products despite such little funding or cash flow from his company.

12. Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Neil DeGrasse Tyson is known as an astrophysicist from New York who studies ancient astronomy and physics. 

He’s well-known for his time spent hosting the show ‘Nova Science Now’ which popularized many topics in physics and space exploration.

13. Does the Internet make us depressed?

An interesting topic on Quora is: Does the Internet Make Us Depressed? 

There are several different opinions about how the internet has become one of the biggest contributors to depression in people around the world over the past decade or so.

14. Opioid addiction

The opioid epidemic has become one of the biggest problems in the United States over the past decade. 

It’s becoming so severe, whole families are suffocating from heroin overdoses, driving up death tolls in record numbers every year. 

The topic of opioid addiction is discussed on Quora along with solutions to help prevent individuals from getting involved with it in their daily lives.

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